Kidd Kidd Shot Multiple Times, “B*tch A** N*gga, Get Your Refund, I Ain’t Dead”

Kidd Kidd Shot Multiple Times, “B*tch A** N*gga, Get Your Refund, I Ain’t Dead”

Former Young Money artist Kidd Kidd has confirmed weekend reports and speculation claiming he was riddled with gunshots while in New Orleans.

Kidd Kidd hit up Twitter on Sunday (June 12) to thank fans for their support.

“wuzzam man thank yall for keepin me in yall prayers n*gga hit me six times but dey aint stoppin nutin b*tch a** n*gga get ur refund I aint dead,” Kidd Kidd tweeted Sunday (June 12). (Kidd Kidd’s Twitter)

Details of what reportedly went down landed online early into the weekend.

According to the story, Kidd was en route to his mother’s house in N’awlins when a group of individuals ran up on him shooting him multiple times in a suspected robbery attempt. It’s all hearsay at this point, and we’ll likely never know the true cause for this, but there is good news shrouded in the sea of bullets. Reports saying that he will survive this incident. So there’s your silver lining if you were looking for one. (Karen Civil)

Last month, Kidd Kidd told SOHH about the difficulty in making it out of New Orleans.

“Real n*gga sh*t. It’s really no answer for “How can you make it as an artist in New Orleans” because I feel like I was blessed. I was lucky because I’ve been through so much beyond rap. I never would have thought in a million years that this would be me. To make it out of New Orleans, you have to get “out” of New Orleans because down here, there’s nothing. Especially on the music tip. There ain’t nothing down here. You already know that if you want to make it out of New Orleans, you have to be out somewhere in New York. You gotta be in Atlanta. You gotta be in Los Angeles. Something like that in order to be discovered. That’s how you’re going to get people to hear you. Nine times out of ten, the people out there in the record labels are scared to come down here. It’s wild down here.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Kidd Kidd recently hit up SOHH and talked about rap star 50 Cent supporting his latest solo album, The Reallionaire.

“Real n*ggas do real things and 50 Cent is an official n*gga,” Kidd Kidd told SOHH. “He’s a real n*gga and I don’t care what any n*gga’s got to say about him. Anything anybody’s got to say about 50 they might as well say it about me too. Real n*gga sh*t. He came to my album release party and this man called me. He called me himself. He didn’t need nobody to call me and he came himself. He hit me up like, ‘Yo, what’s up Kidd? What’s up with you?’ And this was before the party and all of that, he wanted to holler at me and I respect that because most people in the game, they go into that Hollywood talk and they send their people to talk to your people. But 50 came at me direct and I respect that. It’s a respect thing, you feel me? There’s not too many real out there that do what they do. He told me when he comes down to NewOrleans, he’s gonna come and get at me. And that’s what happened. He came to the N.O. and got with me. Whatever I got going on, he came and supported me. He didn’t have to be there but he came through. He didn’t come through on some, ‘I’m gonna need some money for this appearance,’ nah, my dog came through, performed and everything.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Kidd Kidd footage below:

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