Kid Inks Up Huge Record Deal: “It Was Time To Team Up W/ A Major”

Kid Inks Up Huge Record Deal: “It Was Time To Team Up W/ A Major”

West Coast rapper Kid Ink‘s independent journey in the music industry has come to an end, now officially joining forces with mega record label RCA.

Both Kid and senior vice president of A&R J. Grand have issued statements on the new situation.

“We achieved so much last year independently but we just felt it was time to team up with a major in 2013 to take it to the next level and RCA is as excited as we are about the vision and possibilities.,” Ink said via statement. “”I’m ecstatic to have someone as multi-talented as Kid Ink, along with the backing of Tha Alumni team with us at RCA Records. We see him not just as an emerging domestic star but as someone whose music and entrepreneurship is already developing a global presence.,” Grand added. (Statement)

The buzz caught producer Jahlil Beats‘ attention, who publicly congratulated Kid.

“Congrats to @Kid_Ink & @DeeJayiLLWiLL #turnup,” he tweeted January 4th. (Jahlil Beats’ Twitter)

Last summer, he spoke to SOHH about not rushing into a major record label situation.

“Exactly, I feel like that’s the best way to do it because you get to show and prove your worth to the label,” Ink told SOHH, co-signing Yelawolf’s indie-to-major tips. “They then don’t have to worry about artist development because a lot of labels don’t have that time stamp and have to worry about grooming and putting somebody together. It costs more money that way, too. Why do all that when you can go grind? Why sit back and worry? I’m not waiting on the label to do that for me at all. I just want that extra spin move on top of the work I’m already doing.” (SOHH)

To celebrate the day’s big news, Ink has also released a new song called “Bad Ass” featuring a few notable collaborators.

On the heels of inking a record deal with RCA, Cali rapper Kid Ink releases a new track with Maybach Music’s Meek Mill and Wale. The extremely tatted rapper (hinted at by his name) was featured on XXL’s coveted Freshman Class issue last March. In celebration of his new deal, Kid Ink released his official debut single, “Bad Ass,” produced by Devin Cruise. “I’m feeling like the man of the hour/ host of the evening, but girl it’s your show/now bring it back with the rerun,” raps Kid Ink. (Global Grind)

Check out “Bad Ass”:

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