Kid Cudi’s Latest Trick, “I’ma Be All Rocked Out W/ The Wizard Sh*t”

Kid Cudi’s Latest Trick, “I’ma Be All Rocked Out W/ The Wizard Sh*t”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Kid Cudi has announced his return to Twitter and updated fans on what new elements he is bringing to the rap game.

Via Twitter on Wednesday (January 26), Cudi gave followers the 4-1-1 on his upcoming projects.

“uh oh … yes, its true. its me, the real wizard … i really only got back on twitter becuz i heard will smith tweeted about a fresh prince reunion and i wanted to post my response to that … pushing for a summer release of the wizard album. i produce and play guitar on everything with my main man @dotdagenius. he’s learnin bass”

“the maniac film will b released later this year. cage, shia and i really want everything just right, and i need the proper time for scoring … the edit must be epic … wizard is a rock album, no raps, just singing. brand new thing. flavor … dose of dopeness however will be on the wizard album as a bonus jam. bout f*ckin time aye … ive been wearin the same jeans for months, and i feel good about that dedication workin on some jay and ye sh*t”

“new mixtape “a man named scott” thats this summah. for all those who f*cks with my raps, this is for u since ima be all rocked out with the wizard sh*t. also its free! yes! man im really happy to FINALLY get all that good news out there. more to come, not even close. oh and new york catch me if u can, i start filmin “how to make it” in march. domingo dean sh*ttttttt. legiTay” (Kid Cudi’s Twitter)

In Fall 2009, Cudi explained the reason why he stopped using his Twitter account.

“I have an iPhone and I don’t even utilize all of the applications on it,” Cudi explained. “Just alone on an iPhone you can have multiple e-mails — I have two e-mails — text messaging, some people have AIM on there, MySpace, Facebook — and I don’t even have those things…With Twitter, my two e-mails, text messaging, and my phone ringing, that’s just overwhelming. And you gotta think of it like this, what did they do before there were cell phones? Use a pay phone or write a letter. Or you catch ‘em at the crib….I think I want to take it back to that. Sometimes it just shouldn’t be that easy for you to get in contact with me.” (Rap-Up)

Months later, Cudi came forward to address Twitter accounts and blogs that falsely utilized his namesake.

“what up yall? Ive been hearing theres a lot of fake kid cudi accounts on twitter and facebook and i want to reassure everyone that none of these r me,” Cudi penned in December 2009. “i will NEVER get back on twitter or facebook. im gettin my blog back together and that will be the only way to stay connected with me. i think its sad as a m*thaf*cka people do this but, oh well, its inevitable. dont fall for it, if or doesnt make a announcement (and i assure you they wont) then its some creeper lookin for attention. catch me on tour baybayyyyy. peace n love” (Dat New Cudi)

Since January 5th, Cudi’s Man on the Moon II sophomore album has sold over 330,000 copies.

Grammy-nominated rapper Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon II received a huge jump, moving 41 spots to No. 32 with 18,000. After two months, the rapper’s new album has sold 331,100 units. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some recent Kid Cudi footage down below:

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