Kid Cudi Says He’s Done W/ G.O.O.D Music, Reveals Secret Jay-Z Conversation [Audio]

Kid Cudi Says He’s Done W/ G.O.O.D Music, Reveals Secret Jay-Z Conversation [Audio]

Ohio rapper Kid Cudi has shocked the hip-hop world by announcing an official departure from G.O.O.D. Music but promising his relationship with the team is still all good.

According to Cudder, he spoke to Kanye West about wanting to seek a new direction and said Ye fully supported his decision.

“I’m announcing that I’m no longer on G.O.O.D Music,” Cudi revealed in an interview. “This is something that no one knows, really, but I’m no longer on G.O.O.D Music. … I could never get tired of Kanye but we were talking on the phone the other day, these are things I’ve been wanting to talk to him about, starting my own direction and he got it because he’s trying to start his new path, trying new things as an artist and he was just like, ‘Man, I feel you.’ … There’s no beef, there’s no problems with anyone on the label. It’s all love.” (Power 106)

He also revealed receiving some advice from Ye’s manager Don C and rap mogul Jay-Z prior to approaching the G.O.O.D Music head.

“For at least, like, six months,” Cudi added when asked how long has he been keeping the news to himself. “I’m very forward-thinking. I’m like, ‘Next year, I’m going to be doing ‘this.” I kinda like, knew where I wanted to go and then was trying to figure out what the right decision would be, how to talk to [Kanye] about it. I went through a process where I talked to Don C, then I went to talk to Jay-Z, and then got their opinions about how to approach him about things I wanted to talk to him about and everybody gave me the blessing.” (Power 106)

Last summer, Kid spoke on his close-knit bond to the entire G.O.O.D. Music family.

“It’s the only time where I feel like I’m around people that understand me. I felt like an orphan before then. It’s good for me, man. I don’t really click well with people. I don’t know what it is, but everybody in this family, I click with. From 2 Chainz to Big Sean to Q-Tip. I’ve been seeing Q-Tip since I’ve started in this business and he’s always had my back. You can look online and check. I’m just really happy that everybody embraced me and they don’t think I’m too much of a nut job. When you work with your family, it’s love behind every record and you want everybody to win. I love hearing Pusha rap. I love hearing his raps, man. It will never get old. I’ve told him that. And that’s the exciting thing. I’m around people that I’m a fan of, that I grew up on and shit, and I can watch them create and do what they do and I can contribute and be a part of history. It’s wild.” (Complex)

Back in 2010, the Ohio native discussed wanting to eventually evolve from music-making.

Kid Cudi’s first acting gig is for the new HBO series “How to Make It in America.” When we caught up with him last night at a screening for the show, we wondered if he’ll ever give up music for acting. “I’m trying to evenly balance them out right now, but eventually I want to leave behind music and just do acting,” he said. “I only got into the music business to tell my story and inspire some people. I think four albums will do it, and when I’m done with my four, five albums, I’ll switch it up. Once the story is told [musically], there’s nothing else to say.” (NY Mag)

Check out Kid Cudi’s interview:

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