Kid Cudi Reveals Secret Daughter, “It Was Stressing Me Out That Nobody Knew About Her”

Kid Cudi Reveals Secret Daughter, “It Was Stressing Me Out That Nobody Knew About Her”

Grammy-nominated rapper Kid Cudi has revealed having a daughter born earlier this year and how much of an impact she had on him as an artist.

Cudi credits his daughter, Vada, for becoming a “wake-up” call to him.

“There’s another thing people don’t know. I have a daughter, born March 26th of this year. Her name is Vada, and she’s f*cking awesome. That was eating me up, and it was stressing me out that nobody knew about her. I was trying to escape from that, too. Just trying to figure it out and make everyone happy, it’s a lot for somebody my age to handle. I was manning up and dealing with it in what I thought was the right way, but it was the wrong way. I want to be around for her. I can honestly say she was the wake-up call. The reality that it’s bigger than just you now–you have a responsibility and there’s no more time for mistakes. It’s time to stop f*cking around.” (Complex)

The rapper also admitted how much pressure he initially had when learning about being a father.

“I was scared as f*ck. I need to be a dad now, and I’m not with the girl–how does that work? Because having money isn’t it. I just wanted to be a great dad, and I didn’t think I was capable. Then I thought: When she gets here it’s either nut up or shut up. She’s my best friend and she doesn’t even know it. That’s why I always told myself I’m going to make these songs for my kids, so they can follow along and know my story, if something was ever to happen to me. No matter what motherf*ckers are saying or haters are putting in their ear. She can put on my records and be like, ‘F*ck all that other sh*t, my dad was like this.’ But I might make sure she doesn’t listen to this album until she’s 40. [Laughs.] I’m excited about watching her grow, I’m excited to be a papa” (Complex)

Earlier this month, rapper Juelz Santana welcomed a newborn into his life.

Dipset member Juelz Santana is excited about a new addition, but this time it’s to his family. According to published reports, Juelz and his girlfriend, video vixen Kimbella have welcomed their new baby in to the world. Although they have not announced the sex of the new bundle of joy, the new baby makes the couple’s first together, but second for both Juelz and Kimbella, who each have one child from previous relationships. (Hip Hop Wired)

While expecting his first child early next year, singer Ne-Yo admitted to his fears of fatherhood recently.

“I’m going to have my first child in January. I’m terrified, I’m gonna be all the way honest. I’ve never seen myself as a father, you know what I mean? I knew eventually I would get married and have kids and all of that stuff. By the way, the marriage rumors aren’t true. Let’s clear that up. I’m not engaged, I’m not to be married. But the baby rumor is true…My mom was my mom and my dad. I didn’t need the male role model. I figure if I do it the way my mom did it, then my kid is going to be fine.” (CNN)

Check out some recent Kid Cudi footage below:

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