Kid Cudi Drops “Man On The Moon II” Lead-Off Single, “Download This Glorious F*cker Now”

Kid Cudi Drops “Man On The Moon II” Lead-Off Single, “Download This Glorious F*cker Now”

Rapper Kid Cudi has released “Rev Of Ev,” the first single off his upcoming Man on the Moon II album.

Cudi released the track on his website.

REV OF EV Produced By Plain Pat W/ Strings By Larry Gold: POSTED: 17.06.10 Heres the first single from my new upcoming album MAN ON THE MOON II THE LEGEND OF MR. RAGER. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER! DOWNLOAD THIS GLORIOUS F*CKER NOW *Those having trouble pronouncing the title, its REV OF EV which is short for Revolution Of Evolution. Just let it flow ha say it how its spelled. (Kid Cudi’s Blog)

Last month, Cudi said that he was considering a late summer release for the album.

“thanx for all the love on the new joint yall. i really appreciate it sincerely. this was a idea i had that me and Chip decided to do for fun. as of right now its not on anything, we just recorded it and put it out just for the f*ck of it. itll be awhile til MOTM2 (still gunnin’ for Aug release or Sept), so i might keep releasing some fun joints here and there. ill keep you all posted faaashow.” (Kid Cudi’s Blog)

Producer Jim Jonsin recently talked about producing a Cudi and Kanye West record.

“We did one song together which is kind of rock-influenced,” Jonsin said in an interview. “It was something I wanted to do with [Cudi] and just see where he would go. I played him a couple of tracks and decided to play him this batch here and he really liked this one with this rock influence. We tamed it down just a little bit, light weight, he was all open to do it and he killed it, wrote the top line and I helped him with some melodies, he killed one record…We did another record where I sampled a Duran Duran record. Kanye and Kid Cudi supposedly did that in the studio together and killed it but I haven’t got it yet. From what I heard, it’s a mix man. It’s kind of some club stuff, some hip-hop traditional rap stuff, and then some rock-pop stuff. He’s gong everywhere, it’s similar to what B.o.B. is doing. These new artists are really trying to reach out to new people and fans.” (Rap-Up TV)

The rapper’s debut album, Man on the Moon, opened in the Top 5 of SoundScan last year.

Rap newcomer Kid Cudi’s debut album Man On The Moon: The End Of Days made an impressive first-week run landing at No. 4. With just seven days under his belt, Cudi’s new album has sold 104,300 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Listen to the new single down below:

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