Kid Cudi Addresses Leaked Snoop Dogg Collabo, “If You Can Find It Rock Out”

Kid Cudi Addresses Leaked Snoop Dogg Collabo, “If You Can Find It Rock Out”

Rapper Kid Cudi has addressed a recently leaked collaboration with Snoop Dogg and said he is not responsible for the track illegally being released.

Writing via his blog, Cudder shared his reaction and clarified details surrounding the leak.

“i recorded the snoop joint that leaked around the time i was workin on MOTM, its a deleted scene that im including on Cudder. I DID NOT LEAK IT and i barely have a name for it so ill let u guys kno whats its really called as soon as i figure it out haha. By the time u hear it on the album it will be a bit diff with a better mix and some other shit added. Also, the homie Rashad “Ringo” Smith produced the record, NOT DR. DRE. if u got the record already cool. if not, if u can find it rock out. and remember WE SHININ WE ROLLIN WE SIPPIN WE SMOKIN WE LIVIN WE HAPPY THEYY MAAAADDDDDDD! F*CK EM peace and love from ur bud, cud” (Kid Cudi’s Blog)

DJ Khaled recently said an illegal leak of his Shyne collaboration, “All My Life,” forced the rapper’s comeback guest feature slot to be removed from his new album, Victory.

“He fit me into his schedule and I appreciate it,” Khaled said about Shyne. “The thing is, the record got leaked. Some hacker actually leaked it and it messed me up because when they leaked it, the publishers on the production of the track — came at me and tried to come at me on some legal stuff so I couldn’t even use it on my album. That’s why I hate these hackers. They ruin surprises — but at the end of the day, at least the streets got it and we fed the streets.” (Jessie Maguire)

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco also spoke on his unfinished music being stolen last month.

“The “What You Want” track that has leaked out is an unfinished version,” he wrote yesterday (February 10). “Patience is a virtue. At least let us finish the songs. At Rehearsals for the “Steppin’ Laser Tour” kicking off in Australia next week…Playing “Lasers” for first time in its entirety for the band.” (Lupe Fiasco’s Blog)

Cudi previously revealed his work on a follow-up to 2009’s Man on the Moon.

“Cudder, I already got five tracks locked in,” Cudi revealed in an interview. “We got Snoop, we got Pharrell. I just was in the studio with him. We got Jim Jonsin. I did a record with him. I’m gonna get back in the studio with him. Trying to get the right amount of hit records on this. It’s gonna be the complete opposite of what Man on the Moon was. Man on the Moon was so serious. This one is gonna be more playful and fun. It’s about having a good time. People reaching out to me wanting to collab is so bugged out. I remember when nobody wanted to do any song with me, let alone listen to my sh*t.” (MTV)

Check out recent Kid Cudi concert footage below:

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