Khia Calls Beyoncé A Talent-Less H*e: “You’ll Never Give Up The Stealing”

Khia Calls Beyoncé A Talent-Less H*e: “You’ll Never Give Up The Stealing”

Southern rapper Khia is back to her usual antics, now going after married R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter with a slew of disses and accusations.

Khia unloaded a wrath of negative opinions toward the Grammy-winning singer and even name-dropped her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

“Because b*tches like @Beyonce aint checking for her Beyhive until she charges $2000 a ticket to watch her Tootsie roll the same routines..,” she tweeted June 17.

“Just ask @Beyonce if im lying.. #oops my bad, shes too busy collecting yall coins for chicken dinners and Blu Ivy’s college plan…”

“Woooooooo im scared of the Beyhive ????????????… All of you can stand in line to get swatted by Thugmisses like ya Motha Mammie Bey #should have…”

“MISS me with that “her product is original” bullsh*t. I’ll believe that when i can see that hoe name on @ least “1” of her writing credits..”

“We Roast We Gagggggggg!!”

“I thought the “BeeHive” was @LilKim’s team @Beyonce… Hmmmmm… you will never give up the stealing will you, sis… ????????????” (Khia’s Twitter)

In summer 2011, Khia went after Beyoncé and other high profile entertainers.

“Why are all these h*es — get all this free promotion,” Khia asked in the video referring to Amber Rose. “When is this season gonna be over? I just don’t understand what the f*ck is really going on. [laughs] … [Beyonce], we are sick and tired of looking at you and the wigs. … [Chris Brown], what’s really going on with you putting all of your business out here all on the Internet? First you’re whooping and dragging Rihanna and now you’re showing your d*ck down to the knees?” (“4th of July Blog”)

She also accused Bey of being jealous of ex-Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland getting her own solo shine.

“[Amber Rose] She cute!!!! I aint gone judge the h*e because we all know she been on a strippa pole since she was 5 years old, suckin cl*ts since 12, and decided to TRICK and SUCK every n*gga in the game and all of a sudden wanna be a model at 35…Beyoncé: F*ck this hoe………Can Kelly Rowland make a little bit of MONEY???? … Chris Brown: Oooooooooooo Hoooooooney…… How many records you sold????Cuz the sissy’s and punks all around the world saw ALLLLLLLL your bizness …Rick Ross: Is you really selling dope on your IPhone?????? I did see you at the Tupac center but I am not sure if you were just there to promote that tired a** single or there to support Queen Affine and the children because all the money you claim you got, I didn’t see you cut no check” [sic] (Khia’s MySpace)

Bey has had bigger things on her mind as of late like settling a $100 million lawsuit.

Beyoncé has wiggled out of a lawsuit brought by a video game company that sued the musician for allegedly backing away from a deal to create a motion-sensing dance game. Gate Five filed the lawsuit in New York court in April 2011, claiming that the superstar had acted on “a whim” the previous Christmas with an “extortionate demand” for more compensation for “Starpower: Beyonce.” The demandsdrove away a financier and caused Gate Five to lay off 70 people during the holidays, said the lawsuit. (Billboard)

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