Keyshia Cole Explodes Over Concert Snub, Radio Station Responds

Keyshia Cole Explodes Over Concert Snub, Radio Station Responds

R&B singer Keyshia Cole went into a Twitter tirade toward West Coast radio station KMEL after getting billed to open up for music newcomer The Weeknd at a concert this week.

Cole unleashed her fury toward the San Francisco-based station and said she felt insulted.

“EVERY F**KING YEAR I do something major for my city! @KMEL has the nerve to tell me at the last minute they want me to open for the weeknd.,” she tweeted Monday (December 17).

“No disrespect to the weeknd. Why the hell would @106KMEL ask me to open for him in My home town! Where I give back! Where IM FROM! #NO” (Keyshia Cole’s Twitter)

The station has since come forward to address the dispute and announced Cole’s replacement.

KMEL tells TMZ, it’s all a case of miscommunication — saying, “We were surprised to see Keyshia Cole’s Tweets the night of our show … as she was never scheduled to be the show’s final act.” KMEL added, “When we were notified a week before her performance that she planned to cancel, we immediately removed her name from all advertising and promotion and offered refunds to those fans who requested.” R&B singer Jeremih replaced Keyshia when she abandoned ship. (TMZ)

This comes weeks after Weeknd’s new Trilogy compilation album debuted on the sales chart.

Leading the way this week is The Weeknd’s Trilogy at No. 4 behind Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (93,200), Taylor Swift‘s Red (144,500) and One Direction‘s Take Me Home (539,700). According to Nielsen SoundScan, the singer’s new compilation album has sold 86,300 copies after a week in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Last year, rap star Drake called Weeknd one of the greatest artists he’s ever met.

“Not only did he inspire me to get out there and sing better on stage, he inspired me writing wise, music wise, just to better my product,” Drake explained in an interview. “He’s on my album a lot. We really collaborated a lot on this album…He’s one of the greatest artists I’ve ever heard. To hear someone with an incredible body of work is very rare. It’s very inspiring. We formed OVOXO, which is taking over right now. I’m proud of him. He works real hard. He’s just an incredible person, [has] become a really close friend to me.” (The Juice)

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