Keri Hilson Refuses To Fall For A Rapper, “I’m A Little More Than They Bargained For” [Video]

Keri Hilson Refuses To Fall For A Rapper, “I’m A Little More Than They Bargained For” [Video]

R&B singer Keri Hilson sat down with television personality Chelsea Handler last night and opened up about her romance interests and why she would pass on an opportunity to find love in rappers.

When asked why she would never date a rapper, Hilson responded by saying she may be too much for an artist to handle.

“When you mix a man who has popularity, who has money, who has b*tches, that’s a scary thing for me. It doesn’t speak to my insecurities, it’s just not the type of man that I want and I think I’m not the type of girl they want. I have a brain, I’m a little more than they bargained for.” (“Chelsea Lately”)

Despite her stance on rappers, Hilson recently gave a rating from 1 to 10 of artists like 50 Cent, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, J. Cole and Drake based on their looks.

Trey [Songz], 1 to 10, I’m thinking, I want to be fair,” Hilson told Funkmaster Flex. “I like Trey, he looks good, sex appeal, on point, give him like, a seven. That’s a good number for girls…I might give him a seven, eight. I like Trey, he’s creeping on up — J. Cole, he’s talented –are all these guys on here high yellow because I like chocolate. He’s not my type. He’s tall, give him like a five, six. Usher is definitely up there. I would give Usher like a nine. I’m thinking…Kanye [West], the creativity puts him so far up, is he taller than me? I think a lot of girls would rate him pretty high. I would give him a nine. John Legend, he seems like a man — I would give John Legend a seven. 50 [Cent], not my type. I’m gonna start off with he’s not my type. He’s a five. My type is chocolate, tall, some sort of athleticism. Drake, high yellow one. He’s very sensitive. It’s hard to rate him, I think I might hurt his feelings if I say something about…That’s why ladies ‘eff’ with him so much. He seems very in touch with himself — one to ten, probably a six. Lil Wayne, I love Wayne, he’s very creative. He does have a lot of kids — I don’t know if I could deal with that. It seems like one big happy family, he’s such a rock star…Wayne is up there. He’s like a seven.” (Hot 97)

Hilson recently opened up about being single and searching for love.

“Every person has one,” says the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer, who is currently on the dating scene. “My breaking point… I mean, there are many. We, as women, are such hopeless romantics, and I know I’m one of them and I tolerate a bit more than I should just wanting to make a relationship work. Just wanting to be held at night. Wanting to be on dates and be a woman, you know? … If we’re in a committed relationship, not only do you step out and cheat, you had unprotected sex and had a baby out of the situation. That is like the ultimate. ‘OK, you cheated? Maybe we can work it out.’ … So a child is born of this side relationship you had, and I just probably could not do that.” (Rap-Up)

She also talked with Internet personality Perez Hilton about expressing her sexual desires on new controversial record, “The Way You Love Me.”

“Perez, I don’t wanna be held and caressed every night. Sometimes I do wanna be f*cked,” she said in the interview. “I can’t allow other people to dictate, or the media to dictate, what I can and can’t do…I’m a freak. It’s no surprise. I’m a freak! I’ve been a freak on other songs and in other videos.” (Perez TV)

Check out Keri Hilson’s “Chelsea Lately” interview down below:

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