Kelis Speaks On Kicking Nas To The Curb, Reveals New Boyfriend [Video]

Kelis Speaks On Kicking Nas To The Curb, Reveals New Boyfriend [Video]

R&B singer Kelis has ended her silence on recently divorcing Nas and said she has already begun a new relationship.

Kelis also denied past reports of them trying to get back together.

“It wasn’t really a bitter divorce,” Kelis told controversial blogger Perez Hilton in an interview. “Sometimes [we’re on friendly terms.] [laughs] No, [we didn’t reconcile], not reconcile in the sense like we’re back together. But I mean, you know, we had about eight years. Yeah, I am [seeing someone]. [It’s been going on] for a little while. It’s going great. He’s not [a musician.] [Famous?] I guess it depends on who you ask. [laughs]” (Perez TV)

Kelis’ divorce from Nas was made public in late May.

Power couple Nas and Kelis announced that they were calling it quicks back in April 2009 despite being pregnant with their first son together. Since then they have gone through a nasty legal battle over child support and child custody. Finally, a little over a year later, the marriage has officially come to a close. According to TMZ, the divorce has become official, however the issues of child custody and support still remain. Right now Nas has to pay around $10,000 a month, which is a fee that he claims is too much for him. How long can they possibly draw this thing out? (Hollywood News)

In April, reports suggested Kelis wanted to rush her divorce.

According to documents filed last week, Kelis said in a declaration, “… it would be in the best interest of both of us if our marital status is terminated as soon as possible.” Because she fears that the legal proceedings could take years to figure out, Kelis has requested that the judge immediately terminate their marriage — and wait until a later time to resolve “all other issues.” As for the odds that the two will rekindle their romance — Kelis stated, “I believe there is no possibility of reconciliation with [Nas].” (TMZ)

In the June 2010 issue of ELLE, Kelis briefly speaks on finding new life.

Kelis is conjuring a look she calls “animalistic and tribal and warrioresque”–fitting for a woman who racked up some defining experiences in her time out of the spotlight, including the birth of her child, divorce from her rapper husband, Nas, and a stint at the Cordon Bleu culinary school in Los Angeles (her specialty? Sauces, of course). “I needed to mix things up and make a fresh start,” she says. “This [Flesh Tone] record is like a deep breath. My lungs are filled again, and with that there’s life.” (ELLE)

Check out Kelis speaking on Nas below:

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