Kelis Says Nas’ Son Is Destined For Stardom, “There’s No Way You Can Deny He’s Musically Inclined”

Kelis Says Nas’ Son Is Destined For Stardom, “There’s No Way You Can Deny He’s Musically Inclined”

R&B singer Kelis recently said that, Knight, her son with Nas, may grow up to follow in his parents’ musical footsteps.

Kelis said their son is still surrounded by music.

“(Laughs) Gosh, I look at him now and there’s no way you can deny he’s musically inclined. I don’t think he can help it! My mom’s someone who helps you channel what you’re naturally best at and I don’t think this is what she would have chosen for me but she’s always been so supporting that I think I couldn’t help but be comfortable in my own skin as a result. So with him is it my ideal choice? No, I would much rather he was a marine biologist or an architect but if he’s naturally good at this I would be doing him a disservice not to help him. But I’m not going to be a stage mom, pushing him in front of the camera! As a parent it’s your job to guide them in the right direction so they become the kind of people they want to be. It has to be not because he wants to be a popstar but, in a way, because he can’t do anything else. Because music is all he hears. Do you know what I mean?” (Pop Justice)

Nas talked about his custody battle with Kelis and their son earlier this month.

“He’s like nine months. He’s crawling, pulling himself to stand up,” Nas said in an interview. “He said the word ‘stick’ about a month ago. He’s been talking for about two months, saying little words here and there…He was picking up on things very young, like two to three months if not sooner. It just throws you that we’re born knowing what’s up…My son was born with ice grills, so when hismom feels in the mood she sends pictures. If not, its h*ll. It’s h*ll trying to figure that out, trying to get him–I’ll just leave it at that. It’s h*ll. A man shouldn’t go through that sh*t, but it’s another story I’ma tell at a different time. Overall he’s super good, and when I do get him there’s nothing better in the whole world. When I get both my kids together its beautiful.” (VIBE)

Recent reports showed that Nas is unable to pay out Kelis’ spousal and child support.

Nas claims he can’t afford to pay Kelis the child and spousal support ordered by the court. As we first reported, a court ordered Nas last month to pay more than $87,000 in back spousal and child support. The judge also ordered Nas to pay Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support to stay current. It’s unclear how much Nas is required to pay in monthly child support. Nas says in the new legal docs obtained by TMZ … the judge predicated the order on Nas making $152,031 a month, but the rapper says he makes “substantially less than that amount.” Nas’ lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking the judge to take another look at the damage to Nas’ wallet. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, Nas and Kelis’ divorce papers were finalized.

Power couple Nas and Kelis announced that they were calling it quicks back in April 2009 despite being pregnant with their first son together. Since then they have gone through a nasty legal battle over child support and child custody. Finally, a little over a year later, the marriage has officially come to a close. According to TMZ, the divorce has become official, however the issues of child custody and support still remain. Right now Nas has to pay around $10,000 a month, which is a fee that he claims is too much for him. How long can they possibly draw this thing out? (Hollywood News)

Check out Nas celebrating his son’s birth down below:

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