Kelis’ Milkshake Brings More $$$ Woes To The Yard, Singer Owes $275,000

Kelis’ Milkshake Brings More $$$ Woes To The Yard, Singer Owes $275,000

R&B singer Kelis‘ money woes continue to surface online with new reports which claim she also owes more than $275,000 to the state of California.

According to reports, the “Milkshake” singer’s tax debt dates back to 2009-2010.

Kelis’ tax problems aren’t just restricted to New York — TMZ has learned, the singer allegedly owes back taxes to the State of California AND the federal government. According to court docs obtained by TMZ, the “Milkshake” singer also owes $61,737.29 in taxes in Cali for the years 2009 and 2010 … and $213,932.02 to Uncle Sam for the same years. All told, Kelis allegedly owes $606,096.12 in unpaid taxes. Might be time to whip up a new batch of milkshakes. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, Kelis made headlines for owing over $300,000 to New York.

Kelis apparently took away one very important life lesson from her ex-hubby Nas … mainly how NOT to pay her taxes … to the tune of $300,000. According to a tax lien filed in NYC, the government wants Kelis to fork up over $330,426.71 in unpaid taxes for the years 2004 and 2010. Both 2004 & 2010 were good years for Kelis. In 2004, the “Milkshake” singer went on tour with Britney Spears. In 2010, she headlined her first US tour with singer Robyn. (TMZ)

The singer’s ex-husband Nas could not escape his own financial woes last year.

Nas is the latest rapper to make headlines for tax troubles. God’s Son reportedly owes the government over $6 million for a property he owns in Eagles Landing, Ga. This isn’t the first time Nasir has has problems with the IRS; for the last three years he filed liens. In addition, the Queens, NY MC reportedly owes money for his condo in his hometown. Managers of the building claim he failed to pay his $420 a month assessment fee since January of last year, and have also filed a lien. (XXL Mag)

Recently, the female music star reacted to Nas using her wedding gown on his upcoming Life Is Good album.

“My feelings about it are not really relevant, but you know at the end of the day Nas is an artist. And for whatever it’s worth he’s one of the greatest, and especially for what it is he does. So for me, I feel like especially for someone in hip-hop to kind of be genuine and honest, whatever the honesty is about, I think it’s awesome. So my feelings about it aren’t really necessarily valid, it’s just the fact that as an artist I can respect that he wears his feelings on his sleeve.” (NME)

Check out a recent Kelis interview below:

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