Ke$ha On Nicki Minaj Dropping Out Of Rihanna Tour, “That’s A Bummer”

Ke$ha On Nicki Minaj Dropping Out Of Rihanna Tour, “That’s A Bummer”

Pop singer Ke$ha has shared her reaction to learning that Nicki Minaj dropped out from her Last Girl on Earth tour with Rihanna.

Ke$ha said she would still have fun with or without Nicki on-board.

“I hadn’t heard that. Is that true? Oh, that’s a bummer,” she said. “I have no idea why and I hadn’t even heard that, but that’s a bummer.” She went on to say she had to think for a while about who she’d like to see replace Minaj on the tour. “I’ll get my wheels turning. I wasn’t aware of that, but I’ll totally think about it. I mean, I’m just so excited to be on the same stage as Rihanna. She’s obviously an incredible performer, singer, woman. So that tour’s going to be so much fun.” (MTV)

Nicki originally used her Twitter page to announce that she was not going to take part in the tour.

“*sighs* how…how do i say this…hope the barbz will understand…hate letting them down. *sighs again while in deep thought*,” she wrote. ” Barbz I’m sorry 2 say I will not be going out on RiRi’s tour. I’ve decided 2 use that time 4 the completion of my album. Hope u understand. Barbz, Thx 4 understanding. And Thanks to Rihanna 4 being a sweetheart and extending this great opportunity 2 me. Support the show! Luv, HB” (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

She later released an official statement discussing her disappointment.

“When I first heard about the possibility of touring with Rihanna, I was thrilled to be included on the ticket. I admire Rihanna as an artist and I know it would’ve been a killer line up. I’m disappointed that the timing won’t work, but I hope we’ll be able to revisit the opportunity in the future.” (Statement)

The rapper’s solo album is scheduled to be released in the fall.

“Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown recording artistNicki Minaj will release her highly anticipated solo debut album in Fall 2010. ‘I don’t want to do anything that sounds like what any other female rapper has done,’ said Nicki Minaj. ‘I want to start a new lane that one day, 10 years from now, girls will say, ‘I’m more of a Nicki Minaj type.'” (Cash Money Records Press Release)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj UStream video down below:

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