Katt Williams To Faizon Love: “[You’re] A Big, Fat Snitch & Bald-Faced Rat”

Katt Williams To Faizon Love: “[You’re] A Big, Fat Snitch & Bald-Faced Rat”

Comedian Katt Williams has lashed back at former Friday actor Faizon Love for calling him out earlier this week over allegedly totting a gun in his face.

Although Williams had harsh words for Love, he did not deny the accusations.

Katt Williams is adamant — Faizon Love’s accusation that Katt threatened him with a gun makes Faizon nothing but a big, fat snitch and bald-faced rat … but he DOESN’T deny Faizon speaks the truth. We broke the story … Faizon claimed Katt pulled a gun on him outside Supperclub in Hollywood earlier in the week … Faizon told us he feared for his life. Katt’s diatribe is telling, because the one thing he DOESN’T do is call Faizon a liar. After getting arrested and taken to the station, Katt was released and no charges were filed. (TMZ)

Heading into the weekend, Love dished out details on Katt’s meltdown.

Love says … when Katt pointed the weapon at him, he 100% feared getting shot, explaining … “When someone pulls a gun and they on that narcotics … you don’t know what’s gonna happen.” One of Love’s homeboys managed to snatch the gun from Katt — and discovered it was unloaded. Katt was arrested that night for a possible gun violation, but was later released from custody — and no charges have been filed. As for what caused the beef, Faizon wouldn’t say. It’s something that happened 6 months ago, but he insists it was NOT about money. (TMZ)

Despite the accusations, Love said Williams did not have a loaded gun.

Faizon continues, “Come to find out the gun he pulled out on me was not even loaded. My homeboy gave it back to him … then we went in the club.” Minutes later, Williams was arrested for a possible gun violation … but Love insists he is NOT the person who called the cops. “I am just extremely upset that his punk ass would pull a gun out on me and even play with me like that,” Love says … adding, “He better chill his ass out.” Katt was released from custody that night. After being released, Williams told us he did nothing wrong. As for Faizon’s allegations — we reached out to Katt … so far no response. (TMZ)

Reports of Williams getting taken into police custody landed online Wednesday (October 17).

Reportedly, police were summoned when someone at the Supper Club called in a complaint about a patron brandishing a gun. When police officers arrived at the club, all fingers pointed to Williams as the possible suspect who had been waving a gun around. When officers searched Williams, they did not discover a weapon on him but did discover one his vehicle. (News One)

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