Katt Williams Can’t Steer Clear Of Trouble, Money Woes Pile Up

Katt Williams Can’t Steer Clear Of Trouble, Money Woes Pile Up

Comedian Katt Williams continues to make headlines at the start of 2013 as new reports claim he is getting sued for nearly $8,000 after refusing to purchase a used vehicle.

Details of the comedian-turned-actor’s lawsuit surfaced online Saturday (January 12).

It’s an incredibly bizarre story, but, according to TMZ, a Los Angeles man named Khosrow Gharib sold Williams a used 2002 Ford Expedition SUV on Oct. 30, and Williams has refused to pay for it. So Gharib is suing Williams for $7,500, apparently the Kelley Blue Book value of the Expedition. He also has claimed he has spent a significant amount of time trying to get Williams to pay. But this whole lawsuit brings up one very interesting question: Why is supposed millionaire actor-comedian Katt Williams buying an 11-year-old SUV? And why can’t he afford to pay for it? These are questions that may never be answered. (International Business Times)

Earlier in the week, Katt got arrested in Los Angeles after skipping out on a mandatory court appearance.

The 41-year-old comedian, whose real name is Micah Sierra Williams, had failed to show up for his arraignment in Sacramento on Monday. His bail was set at $100,500. The appearance stems from a pursuit he was involved in with Sacramento police in November. California Highway Patrol officers say Williams failed to stop after he was spotted driving on a three-wheeled motorcycle outside a Sacramento hotel. Officials say Williams nearly hit five people during the chase. (ABC Local)

Despite the pricey amount, Williams eventually posted bail and got released.

Katt was released from custody late last night — and on his way out of jail, he explained the situation to TMZ. According to Katt, he was only arrested because he couldn’t be in two courtrooms at once … and chose the case that was more important to him — the case involving the custody of his children. But when asked if the judge awarded him custody of his children, Katt explained, “No, I actually don’t [have custody] … the lady who tried to take ‘em and lost in court twice, they gave ‘em to her.” (TMZ)

Reports of Katt dodging a scheduled court appearance and having a warrant issued for his arrest bubbled online Tuesday (January 8).

A Sacramento judge issued the bench warrant today after the comedian failed to show up for his arraignment, stemming from his crazy three-wheeled police chase back in November. The D.A.’s office has charged Katt with evading a police officer while driving in a reckless manner, a felony. As we previously reported, Katt’s accused of leading police on a wild chase through the streets of Sacramento … while riding a three-wheeled motorcycle. (TMZ)

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