Kat Stacks Strikes Fear In Roscoe Dash, “I’m Scared Of Her, I Swear To God”

Kat Stacks Strikes Fear In Roscoe Dash, “I’m Scared Of Her, I Swear To God”

After becoming infamous for revealing unflattering details of her conquests such as Soulja Boy and Bow Wow, Kat Stacks has made rap newcomer Roscoe Dash afraid of her next move.

Speaking with SOHH, Roscoe talked about avoiding Stacks’ claws and gave his input on her recently labeling his friend Soulja Boy Tell Em as a cocaine addict.

“I’m scared of her, I swear to God,” Roscoe told SOHH. “I think it was a couple weeks ago I was out here in Atlanta with Frenchie [from Brick Squad] was out here from New York. And we ran into Kat Stacks. I don’t stick around for stuff like that. You’re supposed to learn, it’s like a life lesson. You sort of learn from other people’s mistakes, watch them and then you learn how to avoid a situation and be smart. I try to stay clear away from all that stuff and I think when you are an artist, you already have everybody in your business, you don’t have any personal time, any personal business really. So you gotta be aware of that and act like you are aware. If that was Soulja Boy’s stuff, I ain’t gonna lie, that’s his business. Whatever he does is his deal, but you gotta understand that you’re in the limelight and of course anybody is going to look for an opportunity to get their career on or put yours to a halt. You just gotta cross your t’s and dot your i’s.” (SOHH)

After falling victim to Stacks, Soulja Boy denied an addiction to cocaine last month.

“Man, from the whole situation, I learned that one, you gotta watch who you associate yourself with once you become a celebrity,” Soulja Boy told radio host Funkmaster Flex. “Two, everybody don’t have your best interest at heart, and three, it’s just crazy being a celebrity, period. A rumor or source can go crazy on your name and that’s just something that’s been like, ‘Wow.’ I’ve been a celebrity for like, what, three years and this was just one of the craziest things that just had my name all out in the media, so, I don’t know. It’s not true, at all, 100 percent. We can go ahead and put that on the radio or wherever you want to put it at. What she said is not true at all. And just to all my fans that’s waiting on my album, I want to make that clear. I was set-up. I was framed. And right now, we in a good position because we moved past that and all my fans still rocking with me and they seen past it. But, for anybody that ain’t seen past it, I’m making it clear right now that it was all a lie.” (Hot 97)

Soulja Boy recently spoke about defending himself from media rumors.

“To be honest with you, sometimes when you sit and think about it, it can get scary,” Soulja Boy admitted. “You know what I mean? It’s like the media can create a lie and sway, like, 80 percent of the general population to believe it. And there’s really not anything I can do about it but deny it and denounce it — but when you got them pushing forward and just steady trying to embed in people’s heads, there’s nothing you can do about it…You know what I’m saying? You see me on the BET red carpet. You see me doing my thing. You see me staying consistent with the music, staying with working with bigger and better artists in hip hop. I think that speaks for itself.” (MTV)

Admitting her attention-stealing abilities, Skillz spoke with SOHH this week about targeting Stacks in his annual, year-ending “Rap-Up” series.

“She’s definitely going to be in the ‘Rap-Up,'” Skillz promised SOHH. “I’m not sure how many bars she’s gonna get, she’s definitely going to be in there. It’s just, I caught onto it late because I don’t really pay attention to that kind of sh*t. I hit up some of the hip-hop blogs for the music so the gossip sh*t I rarely get into, but once it bleeds over, I might backtrack. She’s definitely going to be in there but it’s just odd to me because we all play a big part in it because we made it important. It’s like for Kat Stacks, it’s f*cked up because she’s important but if a plane hit a building tomorrow, Kat Stacks wouldn’t be that important.” (SOHH)

Check out Roscoe Dash & Soulja Boy Tell Em’s “All The Way Turnt Up” below:

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