Kat Stacks Reveals What Kept Her Alive Behind Bars [Video]

Kat Stacks Reveals What Kept Her Alive Behind Bars [Video]

Former rap groupie Kat Stacks recently talked about losing two years of her life behind bars on an immigration dispute and how she managed to survive under constant supervision.

According to Stacks, a minor complication with her passport in November 2010 snowballed into a two-year bid.

“Well, I went to do an event in Nashville and when I went to the airport, they said they couldn’t verify my passport, which is crazy because that’s the same passport I used to get from Miami to Nashville for the event and immigration picked me up on a deportation warrant that I had because they didn’t notify me or the lawyer that they had changed my court date to about two days earlier. To reopen my case, it takes about 30 days and during those 30 days, before it got reopened is when I got caught up.” (Vlad TV)

She also credited family, friends and fans for helping maintain her sanity.

“Two years. Horrible. If it wasn’t for my family and if it wasn’t for Q of World Star for supporting me and my fans sending letters and money to eat when others wouldn’t, I don’t think I would have survived. I think when I go to visitation and I see my son behind a bulletproof wall, I think that’s the worst feeling.” (Vlad TV)

In early January, Stacks made sure to boast after getting released from immigration services.

“Im freezing out here …,” she tweeted January 3rd.

“Finally out of dead town Lousiana !”

“No more trailors and country music”

“The Boss @QWorldStar treats me 1st class pic.twitter.com/ibbdkFe7″

“When you’re loyal your place will always remain the same #1″ (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

Prior to her release, non-profit group “Dream Activist” campaigned for her freedom.

Andrea Herrera “Kat Stacks” is a Venzuelan DREAMer; she came to the United States at the age of 8. When she was 14 Andrea was kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking, as a minor. Now, despite being a victim, ICE is refusing to release her from an immigration detention center in Lousiana. When she was 19 Andrea was finally able to reunite with her family; to cope with it all she started the persona “Kat Stacks”. Kat used this persona to connect with other victims as well as connecting with artists. These artists have even used Kat Stacks in their lyrics. An immigration judge however ruled that her online persona is reason enough to deport this DREAMer and victim! Monday, November 5th marks Kat Stacks 2nd year in detention! (Dream Activist)

Check out Kat Stacks’ interview:

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