Kat Stacks Puts Her Oral Skills Back To Work [Audio]

Kat Stacks Puts Her Oral Skills Back To Work [Audio]

Former hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks is back and has released a new freestyle over Jay Z and Rick Ross‘ “F*ck With Me You Know I Got It” collaboration.

Despite a brief hiatus from the gossip blogs, Stacks has opened up a new lane in the music industry.

Groupie Kat Stacks is still trying to stay relevant after being deported a few years back. For those of you who don’t know about Stacks, she’s known for having relations with rappers and then airing out their dirty laundry on any and every social media website and blog. Stacks may have changed her sneaky and conniving ways, but I doubt it. Today she dropped a track that debuts her ummmm….. rap skills, if that’s safe to say. So much for thinking the rap game couldn’t get any worse. (Breathe Cast)

Instead of going with a regular beat, Kat decided to rhyme over Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail anthem for her big freestyle.

Stacks jumps on Jay Z’s “You Know I Got It” instrumental from his latest album Magna Carter. Stacks is heard over the beat not talking about a damn thing. I wonder her let this girl in the studio and allowed her to make a mockery of Jay Z’s “You Know I Got It”? Chicks of her caliber will do anything for fame. You can check out Kat Stacks “You Know I Got It” Freestyle down below. Please, sound off in the comments and let me know what you think about Kat Stacks future rap career. (Breathe Cast)

R&B singer Lil’ Mo has already co-signed the new catchy tune.

“S/O Kat Stacks – F*ck With Me You Know I Got It (Freestyle): http://youtu.be/zSTSFn2FjYQ,” Mo tweeted October 18. (Lil’ Mo’s Twitter)

In early January, Stacks made sure to boast after getting released from immigration services.

“Im freezing out here …,” she tweeted January 3rd.

“Finally out of dead town Lousiana !”

“No more trailors and country music”

“The Boss @QWorldStar treats me 1st class pic.twitter.com/ibbdkFe7″

“When you’re loyal your place will always remain the same #1″ (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

Check out Kat Stacks’ freestyle:

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