Kat Stacks’ Mother Explains Chopper City Drug & Rape Rumors, “I Can Be ‘Scarface’ If You Mess With My Daughter” [Video]

Kat Stacks’ Mother Explains Chopper City Drug & Rape Rumors, “I Can Be ‘Scarface’ If You Mess With My Daughter” [Video]

The mother of self-proclaimed groupie Kat Stacks has stepped forward to address recent rumors of her daughter being drugged and raped by rapper Chopper City.

According to her mom, she was lied to and left an emotion-driven message for Chopper’s manager after believing her daughter was physically abused.

“Hi everybody again, I’m Kat’s mom,” she said alongside Stacks in a broadcast. “I’m going to clarify myself, that what had happened that day to the voice mail you heard that day. I’m a love-peace person. I left the message because her manager called me and they said they drugged her, raped her, with [Chopper City] … I saw the fake pictures and I didn’t know it was a fake picture, so I went crazy and called the number and she called me in the afternoon. I left like two, three nice messages, very polite and say where is my daughter, I am her mother — and I didn’t hear from nobody for hours. I went crazy — I can be ‘Scarface’ if you mess with my daughter or the people I love. I can be your worst nightmare in the world. Why you don’t play this nice message that I left to you and you play this nasty message and now the people think that I’m crazy?” (World Star Hip Hop)

Earlier in the week, Chopper said he had a sex tape with Kat Stacks.

“The b*tch is broke and ain’t got nothing to live for. I don’t even know why you on Earth now. I know your kid ashamed of you.” Exactly who this tape will be beneficial to is anyone’s guess. Responding to Kat Stacks after she proceeded to tell the world that he had sex with her RAW, Chopper City took it upon himself to take matters into his own hands. Instead of denying the claims made by Stacks, the rapper took it one step further and plans on dropping the sex tape of her engaging in what she’s become famous for, finally hoping to let her exploits bite her back. (Hip Hop Wired)

New Jersey rapper Redman recently vouched for Kat Stacks in an interview.

“I’m a grown a** man, I’m grown as f*ck,” Red said in an interview. “I’m tuning in and seeing what’s going on. Somebody told me about the Kat Stacks — I think she’s cute, I gotta love her because she’s my people, she’s my heritage, she’s my culture. I just want her to have a goal. What’s your goal after that? I’m sure she’s smart, I’m sure she’s got other sh*t going on besides f*cking with giving out numbers. When you get on the Internet, use that sh*t to your advantage…You get on the Internet and do some sh*t that’s outta control and getting people’s attention and then draw them into some real sh*t about what you can invest in yourself and get money from the Internet. You don’t want to just hang on to the ‘Yo, I’m that b*tch that got this’ or whatever…Kat Stacks, go get that money. You got them locked in, tuned in to that light skinned beauty sh*t and you go get that money…Who you f*ck nowadays is old news, it’s so much sh*t going on on the Internet — she got people attention, only thing I say is when you get that attention, switch that sh*t around.” (Vlad TV)

Grammy-winning rapper Nelly, however, recently questioned her affair with him.

“Sweetheart, all you have to tell me is what hotel did we f*ck in,” Nelly said during a radio interview. “You have to tell me one that we’ve been f*cking around at for two months. Tell me one of them, please…I’ve been exposed? You lie. You can’t tell me one hotel. You can’t tell me one hotel in two months that you’ve seen me at ever in your life…And find that hotel we f*cked at because you said it was several of them. Why is it you can go into details about everybody else but me? Why we ain’t got no details? What happened? Get the f*ck out of here. I can’t even understand her. Let me go get my son. It’s to your best interest to quit with the lies. She knows she’s lying. I know one motherf*ck that didn’t touch her. I know one for sure.” (Shade 45)

Check out Kat Stacks with her mother below:

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