Kat Stacks’ Latest Victim Exposed, “You’re F*cking Wack & Nobody Relevant Showed Up To Your Album Release Party”

Kat Stacks’ Latest Victim Exposed, “You’re F*cking Wack & Nobody Relevant Showed Up To Your Album Release Party”

Celebrity groupie Kat Stacks has gotten involved in another feud by publicly airing out and exposing R&B singer Jeremih.

Writing via Twitter, Stacks tweeted screen shots of direct messages sent from Jeremih hitting on her.

“haha @Jeremih asking me for p*ssyhttp://plixi.com/p/49729560 SHOULD I POST MORE MESSAGES ?,” Stacks tweeted Saturday (October 10).

“He just want exposure cause he just released his wack a** album & nobody paying him attention”

“His album release party was almost empty … I was there bored out of my mind !!”


Jeremih tweeted his own thoughts toward Stacks.

“maaaan, let’s be real fellas at this point… if u bumped into @ihateKatStacks , would u still slam?,” Jeremih tweeted.

“@ihateKatStacks yu got tha whole supahead approach down but u in no way do u look nearly as good as her”

“@ihateKatStacks You don’t even look like yo’ avatar”

“Yu “Do” know that when promoters book you, they plan on u suckin n f*ckn @ tha end of the nite..somebody. right?” (Jeremih’s Twitter)

Last month, Stacks and R&B singer Chris Brown exchanged feuding tweets.

“hope you had fun wit the 15 seconds of fame!!! now have a good night and go sit on a cactus!!!”

“FYI: I HAVE NOT and WILL NEVER HAVE SEX WITH KAT STACKS!!!! u wont get me!!!!”DEUCES”” (Chris Brown’s Twitter)

In a recent XXL Magazine feature, Stacks voiced her initial remorse for exposing rap stars.

“When I first made the Internet blog, I regretted it, because everybody stopped talking to me,” Stacks revealed in the interview. “But as I got bigger in time, bigger names and muthaf*ckas in the game, they all started getting at me. It just upgraded my career. Now I don’t gotta go work. I don’t gotta do sh*t. All I gotta do is show up at a [club] and get paid [for appearances] I don’t regret it anymore. The first time I did it, I was like, ‘D*mn, why the f*ck I did this sh*t? Because I was drunk? Just to embarrass muthaf*ckas?’ I didn’t expect to get money out of it. Now these muthaf*ckas keep f*ckin’ with me, so I’m gonna continue to do Kat Stacks.” (The 305)

Check out Lloyd Banks speaking on Kat Stacks below:

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