Kat Stacks Finally Claws Her Way To Freedom

Kat Stacks Finally Claws Her Way To Freedom

After a minor setback forcing her to remain behind bars longer than expected, former hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks is now a free woman following over two years being locked up on deportation-related charges.

Stacks spent early Thursday (January 3) updating fans on her minute-to-minute status with photos and tweets.

“Im freezing out here …,” she tweeted.

“Finally out of dead town Lousiana !”

“No more trailors and country music”

“The Boss @QWorldStar treats me 1st class pic.twitter.com/ibbdkFe7″

“When you’re loyal your place will always remain the same #1″ (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

A day after Christmas, Stacks revealed she had remained locked up more than a week later than she expected.

“So @wwwicegov wont release me until a Judge signs for it,” she tweeted December 26th.

“It’s been over a week, stop delaying my release”

“I was suppose to be with @Mama_Stacks @QWorldStar & my Son today :( crying made me stronger #GodIsWithMe” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

A couple weeks ago, Kat broke the news of an impending release.

“IM COMING OUT !!!!! @wwwicegov gave me a 2nd chance !!,” she tweeted December 21st.

“Im so happy im crying !”

“Thank you so much to the great work of attorneys Luke H. Abrusley & @jvimmigration” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

Recently, a non-profit group called “Dream Activist” ignited a campaign for Kat’s freedom.

Andrea Herrera “Kat Stacks” is a Venzuelan DREAMer; she came to the United States at the age of 8. When she was 14 Andrea was kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking, as a minor. Now, despite being a victim, ICE is refusing to release her from an immigration detention center in Lousiana. When she was 19 Andrea was finally able to reunite with her family; to cope with it all she started the persona “Kat Stacks”. Kat used this persona to connect with other victims as well as connecting with artists. These artists have even used Kat Stacks in their lyrics. An immigration judge however ruled that her online persona is reason enough to deport this DREAMer and victim! Monday, November 5th marks Kat Stacks 2nd year in detention! (Dream Activist)

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