Kat Stacks Faces Deportation In Louisiana: “I Was Under The Influence Of A Pimp”

Kat Stacks Faces Deportation In Louisiana: “I Was Under The Influence Of A Pimp”

Incarcerated Internet sensation Kat Stacks is reportedly awaiting deportation in Louisiana while her attorney and mother fight to keep her in the United States.

Mama Stacks has gone as far as to publicly request the Obama administration’s help.

Kat Stacks, who was born Andrea Herrera, grew up in Aventura, but came to the U.S. at the age of 8. She claims she was the victim of sex trafficking, and was busted on a prostitution charge in New York. Her lawyer is appealing the judge’s decisions, and her mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas, is fighting to get her daughter a green card and citizenship. She also has custody of Herrera’s 2-year-old son. Her mother wants the Obama administration to help defer the deportation for two years while everyone around Herrera attempts to legitimize her. She may have pissed too many people off at this point, but good luck on that mission. (Complex)

The 22 year-old former hip-hop groupie claims she is a victim of underage sex crimes.

“The laws are supposed to protect victims like me from all the underage stuff that happened because all my charges were when I was underage, and I was under the influence of a pimp,” she said in a phone call on the website. Immigration Judge Jerry Beatmann Sr. ruled in Louisiana, however, that “her conduct was in no way indicative of someone who wants to help others, make positive changes, or be a role model.” The judge said that it’s not in the country’s best interest to adjust Herrera’s immigration status, and thus denied her an adjustment. Immigration attorney Jose Guerrero said it was a fair decision. (NBC Miami)

In mid-April, Stacks announced the retirement of her Internet persona.

I took the Kat Stacks outfit off & threw it in the grime… :),” she tweeted April 15th.

“I wont allow what pimps did to me as a child rule my future, we must overcome tribulation & empower ourselves to elevate for the best”

“Now all the pimp are mad tweeting, they scared ’cause they know they girls are gonna follow @TheAndreaWay & leave they a**es broke”

“Pimp have tormented & tortured women for too long, its time to call it game over” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

Last summer, Stacks also had deportation-related reports surface online.

Looks like we’ll finally be able to rid our lives of the infamous Kat Stacks (Yo Soulja Boy, you can wipe that sweat off your head now). The judge overseeing her immigration case ordered her deportation case to move forward at an immigration hearing on Tuesday, June 21. Let’s just hope that if she actually does get to stay in the US, that somebody gets this girl a dictionary and a tutor! (VIBE)

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