Kat Stacks Catches Big Break In Deportation Case

Kat Stacks Catches Big Break In Deportation Case

Jailed celebrity groupie Kat Stacks has reportedly landed a big break in her deportation case after being arrested earlier this month in Nashville, Tennessee and detained in immigration custody.

According to Stacks, the possibility of being deported has been thrown out.

The young mother born Andrea Herrera-Cardena was detained in Nashville, Tennessee just three days after celebrating her 21st birthday. She’s currently being held without bail at the Nashville Correctional Development Center For Females where an police assistant told VIBE last week the young groupie had a 90 percent chance of being deported. But on Wednesday @ihatekatstacks had some different news: “the judge called OFF the deportating order , im just waiting for them to give me a bond price [sic]” (VIBE)

Last week, a promoter named Money B. claimed he booked Stacks to appear in Nashville.

“I’m the promoter that brought down Kat Stacks,” Money B. said in an interview. “We brought her down November 4th for a party and from the beginning, we’ve had a lot of problems. I would advise you right now to never put Kat Stacks with any kind of advance because your a** will be out of cash by the time it’s all over. This situation was different as you can see, from day one we had problems. We sent our cash deposit to David Wells, her first manager, and days later he [was] fired by Kat Stacks. Her new management, Q at World Star, they indicated that they had never received any deposit — and it took a few days of me having to call her mama, her old management, her new management and her directly to get everything squared away…That should have been indication from day one that b*tch got problems.” (Head Hater In Charge)

Money B. also said Stacks skipped out on her scheduled appearance, which eventually led to him canceling her plane ticket home.

“Then from there, it was time for her to come to the city, and she wanted to change her flight information three different times, over and over, she also wanted to change the name on the flight three different times,” B added. “[When she got here], she did three different interviews, she also drank up all her bottles of Patron while these interviews were going on and decided to pass out in her hotel and miss the party all together. We called her multiple times — she indicated to me that I wasn’t going to get my money back for booking her and I could have got my money back right then and there, really, but I [decided] to do it legally….She went ahead and went on a little tirade on Twitter, talked about Nashville, how [the people are racist], but she also had a few things to say about me, personally…What she hadn’t realized was she had yet to leave the city. And you’re talking about Money B. in his city and you still in his city. So basically, on her way to the airport, something ‘happened’ with her plane ticket, I don’t know what ‘happened’ to her plane ticket but how was I to know that she was flying dirty? So now she’s in the process of being deported. That just goes to show you, karma is a b*tch.” (Head Hater In Charge)

In early November, Stacks revealed she was arrested in Tennessee.

“Dear nashville your wing stores suck (Knockout Chicken) & yall promoters BROKE.,” she tweeted Friday (November 5).

“Racist a** Nashville town the security has had me on hold for over an hour now”

“Smh as soon they saw my foreign passport they started f*cking with me. The police already cleared me but still messing with me”

“I’m getting arrested have fun without me.” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

No further details have been provided.

Check out some pre-jail Kat Stacks footage below:

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