Kanye West’s Swag Makes Him A Fashionable ACE

Kanye West’s Swag Makes Him A Fashionable ACE

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West will have to make space on his trophy case after winning big at last night’s 14th Annual ACE Awards in New York City.

The rapper walked away with an accolade for his fashionable style.

Kanye West may have lost out on some deserving awards in the past, but he didn’t need to cut any speeches short at Monday’s 14th Annual ACE Awards because he was the night’s big winner. The dapper rapper was honored as Stylemaker of the Year for his “personal style and influence on fashion” at the Accessories Council’s event held at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City. “When they make a list of 100 New Yorkers, and I’m not on it, it breaks my heart,” an admittedly nervous Kanye told the audience. “Thank you for this moment of acceptance.” (Rap-Up)

West made headlines last month after comparing celebrity Lindsay Lohan‘s fashion to the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

Lindsay Lohan’s initial foray into the world of fashion was met with some harsh criticism when she partnered with a storied fashion house a year ago. And as if the troubled actress didn’t have enough worries, on Wednesday night in London, during a screening of his 35-minute epic, experimental film “Runaway,” Kanye West had some very sharp-elbowed opinions about Lohan’s sideline. According to Elle UK, West reportedly referred to Lindsay’s collaboration with fashion house Ungaro as the “9/11 for celebrities doing fashion. After that, I thought, ‘Well, I can’t do a line now.'” (MTV)

Last September, West stressed his emphasis on fashion by discussing how his style has changed as of late.

“It’s so funny — I see photographs of myself from three, four years ago, and I had really similar look sense but it’s kind of like curating and getting rid of things that, you know, competed,” he told us from his perch on the front row of Phillip Lim‘s men’s show yesterday. “I had clothes that were, like, more in competition with me than complementing me.” For yesterday’s show, Lim dressed the rapper in a dapper black suit and blush shirt with a black boutonnière pinned to his lapel. “[It’s about] getting things that complement. I asked Phillip for this color,” West explained, referring to the shirt. “This is a women’s shirt he had, and I just felt this color would be really, really nice on my skin so I was really happy about it.” (In fact, Lim’s use of color is one of the reasons West says he’s so fond of the label.) West’s beauty routine is much simpler than his dressing process, even during Fashion Week. “I’m lucky if I just brush my hair,” he said. “I don’t have a routine like that. I take a shower? That’s about it.” (New York Magazine)

Speaking with New York radio personality DJ Clue in August, West opened up about his new attitude and what it meant to have the “Rosewood” approach to life.

“That’s the Rosewood mentality, like affluence, like not cursing loud in public, pulling out chairs for your lady, opening up doors…That’s where I’m at at 33 and it’s ill ’cause I’m at this really good emotional, great place in my life, and they’re always saying in hip-hop that you have to be in a dark place to make great hip-hop. I feel like I rap better than I’ve ever rapped at this point. I be writing raps and I don’t even realize how positive they are. They just sound like regular good negative raps.” (Power 105.1)

Check out a recent Kanye West interview below:

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