Kanye West’s Studio Footage Lands Online [Video]

Kanye West’s Studio Footage Lands Online [Video]

Footage of Kanye West working on his upcoming Good A** Job album has been released online.

While details are scarce, footage of West in the studio with girlfriend Amber Rose hit the Internet last night (June 17).

Here is what appears to be footage of Kanye, with Amber looking on, working on a beat in some remote studio somewhere in the South Pacific. Apparently that’s a sample of a song from the musical Wicked? Never saw it. So could this beat be intended for Good A** Job? I’d say there’s probably a good a** chance that it might. Although, since when does this guy allow this type of shit to get out? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this has disappeared from Youtube by tomorrow. (Nah Right)

Last month, Ye released his new song, “Power.”

On “Power,” the first single to leak from the sessions, it’s soul man Dwele (last seen working with Yeezy on “Flashing Lights”) throwing down while Kanye’s “tripping on all the power,” later on all the “powder,” and later “drinkin’ and drivin,'” and rhyming “power” with “AustinPowers,” and obamanation with “Obama’s nation.” Granted those rhymes are more The Grade School Drop Out than post-Graduation, but as always the production’s the pull — a slightly sped-up group-vocal sample with handclaps to match — and this might be after Hearbreak, but sh* is still dark in Kanye’s world. The song ends with Dwele’s crooning “Jumpin’ out the window, letting everything go…” and West’s punctuation: “Yeah this would be a beautiful death.” Someone keep an eye on Ye, yeah? (Stereo Gum)

Following its strong buzz, SOHH spoke with West’s Def Jam labelmate Ne-Yo to get his reaction of its release.

“I feel like Kanye is one of the smartest dudes in the musicbusiness,” Ne-Yo told SOHH. “And I say that to anybody. He caught a little bit of flack behind that Taylor Swift situation or whatever and so he moved away from it, let the fire die down and came back with something undeniable. That ‘Power’ record is ridiculous to me and he’s back on his thing, he’s talking sh*t and that’s what Kanye do. It’s one of those records that you hear one time and you’re like, ‘Yeah, Kanye’s back.’ I feel like the summer is about to be something crazy.” (SOHH)

DJ Premier talked about the sound of Ye’s upcoming album in a recent interview.

“Well, first of all, if you look at all of Kanye West’s output, he actually did a lot to bring back sampling and make it cool again, even though he’s more of a mainstream artist” Premier explained. “But his new album is strictly hard beats and rhyme. He’s totally done with electro. You’re gonna be surprised what you hear.” (Amajanese)

Good A** Job is expected to drop in September.

Check out footage of Kanye West in the studio down below:

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