Kanye West’s KimYe Baby Shower Rumors Finally Cleared Up: “It’s Girls, But He’ll…”

Kanye West’s KimYe Baby Shower Rumors Finally Cleared Up: “It’s Girls, But He’ll…”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has been rumored to be going, not going and now finally attending his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian‘s publicized baby shower today (June 2).

Despite ample amounts of rumors which suggested otherwise, Kim’s sister Khloe promised Mr. Yeezus himself would be by Kim’s side.

Kim Kardashian is set to celebrate her baby shower on Sunday — and Kanye West will be there with her! “It’s girls, but Kanye will come at the end,” Khloé Kardashian confirmed on On Air with Ryan Seacrest today. “I said I want Rob [Kardashian] to be there the whole time because I feel bad he’s like left out of all this stuff. So I said come the whole time, but I don’t know if he is…but I think Scott [Disick] and Lamar might bring Kanye at the end…because Kanye feels it’s a little weird if he’s the only guy.” (Life & Style Mag)

Initial reports suggested Ye’s insecurity of being the only male in attendance would sway him from coming.

Kim Kardashian’s much-anticipated baby shower is happening on Sunday, and the big question has been: Will Kanye attend? “Kanye said he feels like it’s weird for him to be the only guy,” Khloe Kardashian told Ryan Seacrest Friday on his morning KIIS-FM show. But she said Kourtney Kardashian’s beau, Scott Disick, and Khloe Kardashian’s husband, Lamar Odom, might bring Kanye at the end. But one male who was invited for the entirety? Kim and Khloe’s brother Rob. “He’s, like, left out of all this stuff, so I said come the whole time,” said Khloe. “I don’t know if he is.” (ABC News Go)

A detailed photo of Kim’s fancy music box baby shower invitations started to spread online a few weeks ago.

Just how over the top were Kim Kardashian’s music-box baby shower invitations? Really, really, really over the top — and TMZ has the first photo proof. The invite to Kim K’s June 2nd bash — sent to a guest close to Kanye West — arrived as a fully functional music box, complete with a spinning ballerina … dancing to a lullaby version of Kanye’s “Hey Mama.” (TMZ)

The invite also suggested Kim K’s immediate family would host the gathering.

Not only is the invite playing the baby daddy’s tune, but the ballerina bears a striking resemblance to Kim herself — just in case anyone forgets who this party is REALLY celebrating. According to the invites, Kris Jenner, Shelli Azoff (wife of uber-manager Irving Azoff), Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are hosting the party. Recommended attire … garden chic. We think that’s rich people speak for casual. (TMZ)

Recent reports claim R&B superstar Beyoncé Knowles-Carter received a baby shower invite.

As Us Weekly previously reported, Beyonce and Fergie were also among the list of shower invitees, with guests receiving music boxes with twirling ballerinas as the invitations. While a source told Us that “Kim is not scared at all and has no fears” about giving birth, Jenner told Seacrest that she’s feeling anxiety for her daughter. “I’m really, truthfully nervous about Kim giving birth and getting through this whole baby thing,” she revealed. “That, for me, I’m excited and anxious at the same time … but all the stuff that’s been going through our lives … there’s so much going on. It’s so layered and complicated.” (Us Magazine)

Check out Kim K’s “Hey Mama” baby shower lullaby:

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