Kanye West’s “Good A** Job” Records Made NYC Fans Go Nuts, Says Scram Jones

Kanye West’s “Good A** Job” Records Made NYC Fans Go Nuts, Says Scram Jones

Producer Scram Jones has confirmed that Kanye West played unreleased music for New York City party goers last weekend in Manhattan.

Jones has described what went down at nightspot CV last Saturday.

“Kanye came through. There’s a table right by the DJ booth, so they posted up right in front of the booth, and basically, after they hung out for a little while, 45 minutes later, Pat came in the booth and said he wanted to play some new stuff. He had a CD, and we put it in. Kanye leaned over and said, ‘Play track three.’ They all went nuts, Kid Cudi was dancing on the table, and then we cut it off at about a minute-and-a-half. We went to another record, and that got everybody excited, and Kanye said, ‘Play number seven.’ That’s how it kept happening. By the end of the process, we played four records.” (MTV)

Reports of the showcase circulated online earlier this week.

He’s back! After a long hiatus from the nightlife scene, Kanye West made an appearance at LES hotspot CV on Saturday night. And fans of the “College Dropout” got more than just a sighting. We hear he gave the deejay four tracks from his upcoming album to play for the crowd. “Josh Hartnett and Kid Cudi were both there, and they immediately got up and started dancing,” said one spy. “Kanye stayed with his own entourage in a corner booth, but looked pretty pleased.” (NY Daily News)

DJ Semtex recently spoke on what fans could expect to hear from West’s new project.

“The album is coming in September. Okay, so I’ve heard the first Kanye West joint. I was sworn to secrecy. All I can say is it is banging. If that’s a taste of what’s coming on the album, he has smacked it. Lyrically….he is saying things like, ‘Wow, he said that?’ It is going to shock everybody, the first record.” (Miss LS)

Producer Pharrell Williams also recently discussed Ye’s upcoming record.

“I had the chance to listen to the new Kanye West album. I think that people are going to be shocked. His precedent was crazy, this new one goes even farther.” (Nah Right)

Check out some past Kanye West footage down below:

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