Kanye West’s “G.O.O.D.” Music A Beautiful Concept, Says GLC

Kanye West’s “G.O.O.D.” Music A Beautiful Concept, Says GLC

After Kanye West made a pledge last week to release new music every Friday until Christmas, G.O.O.D. Music’s GLC has weighed in on the rapper’s vow.

From GLC’s perspective, the idea is not only realistic but will provide an opportunity to also get his music out via West.

“I would definitely be a part of that, because I’m still Getting Out Our Dreams,” GLC said earlier this week in New York. “Church! I think it’s a beautiful concept, because I’ve been doing that for the last two years on the Internet. Prior to me signing my deal with EMI, I had five or six different offers from labels. And with EMI, to be the first artist they did a deal with that doesn’t have a distribution history, man, it works.” (MTV)

Last weekend, West promised new music from his G.O.O.D. Music family on a weekly basis.

“I know yall need the music so I’m dropping 1 new song every weekend until Xmas. It may be my song it may be a new Jay song etc…,” he tweeted.

“I’m calling it good Fridays. Yall know every Friday yall gone have a new joint from our family. We look at the game completely different now.”

“It’s about the fans. No more holding back. That’s why I dropped see me now… It wasn’t about me it was about the Summer the BBQs etc…”

“It’s a good Sunday… God is working his magic. Let him guide every step. Stay blessed, happy and enjoy this Summer day. Back to work 4 me.” (Kanye West’s Twitter)

In just the past three weeks, West dropped a “Power” remix with Jay-Z and a new song called “See Me Now” which features singers Beyonce and Charlie Wilson.

Though he’s been working on the track for over two years, West told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that he literally completed “See Me Now” this morning. In fact, West said that one of the song’s guest contributors, Ms. Beyonce Knowles, finished her vocals at 5 am. Joining Beyonce on the track is R&B singer Charlie Wilson. West,No I.D., and Lex Luger handled production. West did not note whether the song will make its way on his still untitled upcoming album, which is now due for release in November. However, he chose to release it now because “life is too short to be holding on to it.” He also added that it’s “something my mom would be proud off.” (Consequence of Sound)

Helping clear up confusion, GLC recently said West’s G.O.O.D. Music company was not an official record label.

“G.O.O.D Music isn’t a label for one; a lot of people have the misconception that G.O.O.D Music is a label but really it’s basically a family and like a production company. What they do is you get a distribution deal and if you’re a G.O.O.D Music artist, then you come out on G.O.O.D Music and the distribution deal. Whoever I decide to do my deal with it will be through G.O.O.D Music because I’m a G.O.O.D Music artist.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out a recent Kanye West interview down below:

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