Kanye West’s Full-Length “The Prerequisite” 2001 Demo Tape Surfaces

Kanye West’s Full-Length “The Prerequisite” 2001 Demo Tape Surfaces

After a weekend full of unreleased Kanye West music surfaced, a new full-length version of his The Prerequisite 2001 demo tape has now turned up online.

Diehard Yeezy fans will notice College Dropout songs like “Jesus Walks” and “Family Business” appear on the demo tape.

A copy of Kanye West’s original 2001 demo tape has found its way online for fans and critics alike to digest – dig in for some earlier examples of the Hip-Hop aficionado’s talent for cooking up soulful beats and spitting complex rhymes. Featuring demo versions of “Jesus Walks” and “Family Business,” lesser known joints such as “Out Of Your Mind” and “Never Letting Go (The Stalker Song)” also come to light on this 15-track early offering, along with renamed versions of “All Falls Down” (“Dream Come True”) and “Bring Me Down” (“Have It Your Way”). (Soul Culture UK)

The 2001 demo tape features 15 tracks and is also available for immediate download.

1. Home (Windy) 2. Jesus Walks 3. Have It Your Way 4. Out Of Your Mind 5. Wow! 6. Need To Know 7. Gotta Pose 8. Never Letting Go (The Stalker Song) 9. Hey Mama 10. Know The Game 11. Family Business 12. Dream Come True 13. Freestyle 14. Last Freestyle 15. Heartbeat (The Prerequisite)

A few previously unreleased West records leaked online over the weekend.

On Friday night, unreleased demos of two Kanye West tracks emerged. Now tonight, the world is privy to some more unreleased material from the Chicago superstar. The source for all of these previously unheard tracks comes from a CD that Kanye used to pass out back when he was trying to convince the world that this rap career could really work for him. Needless to say, the man was certainly right all those years ago. Along with the unreleased “Know The Game,” two more tracks have been unearthed which have previously been heard before, except this time around they come equipped with new verses. (Complex)

Prior to those, a few other never-before-heard College Dropout and Late Registration tracks sprouted online.

G.O.O.D Friday? Not really but while we await the arrival of new material from Kanye West, check out this old demo, which seems to be an alternate or maybe an original version with even slightly new lyrics. Notably, the beat is completely different from the Lauryn Hill sampled or Syleena Johnson sang versions that appeared on College Dropout. There’s also an original version of “Bring Me Down” which is labeled “Have It Your Way”, both of these demos are believed to date back to 2001. Again with noticeably different lyrics, a more aggressive Kanye, the second verse on “Have It Your Way” – some of the lines were later used on “Whole City Behind Us”. (DDOTOMEN)

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