Kanye West Won’t Put Up Another Fight, Makes Massive Payday To Teen Beatdown Victim

Kanye West Won’t Put Up Another Fight, Makes Massive Payday To Teen Beatdown Victim

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is going to reportedly pay $250,000 to make his sticky assault on a teenager earlier this month vanish into thin air.

According to reports, Mr. West has agreed to pay massive amounts to the alleged 18-year-old.

Kanye West has reportedly paid $250,000 to a man who accused him of beating him up. The 36-year-old rapper became the focus of a battery investigation after he reportedly chased the 18-year-old into a chiropractor’s office and punched him after the teen apparently hurled racial slurs at Kanye’s fiancĂ©. However, TMZ reports the duo have now come to an agreement and Kanye has paid $250,000 to the man who no longer wishes to go ahead with prosecution. (Daily Mail UK)

Last week, reported claimed Kanye was in talks to come up with a monetary resolution.

Kanye West’s alleged assault victim is demanding cash before he zips his lips. The 18-year-old, who the rapper reportedly beat up in a chiropractor’s waiting room after allegedly trashing ‘Ye and his fiancee Kim Kardashian, is asking for several hundred thousand dollars to settle the case sans criminal prosecution, TMZ reports. Sources close to the alleged victim, whose name has not been disclosed, says he does not want to go through a public trial. Eyewitness at the chiro’s office says the rapper beat up the 18-year-old but no injuries were reported. Both sides are said to be in negotiations. (VIBE)

Recent details from an eyewitness claimed Ye unleashed some serious fury onto the teen.

Kanye West was like a boxer going in for the kill … pummeling an 18-year old guy with more than 30 blows … this according to an eyewitness. We broke the story … an 18-year-old allegedly called Kim a “n****r lover” on his way into the office of a Beverly Hills chiropractor. Minutes later, Kim and Kanye stormed in — Kim ID the kid — and her baby daddy went nuts. The eyewitness tells TMZ … the 18-year-old was sitting in a chair as Kanye made a beeline for him and, without saying a word, started slugging him in the face. The kid was covering his face but Kanye was unrelenting. Kim just stood there and silently watched the beating. (TMZ)

Despite the receptionist’s pleas for Ye to fall back, the rap star continued the assault.

The receptionist was screaming, “Stop, stop,” but Kanye ignored her. The kid quickly curled up into a ball to block the blows. The massage therapist rushed into the waiting room and pushed Kanye off the kid and ordered him out of the office. Kanye got out of the building and Kim went to another office for a meeting. (TMZ)

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