Kanye West Vs. Lil’ Wayne, Rappers Cast Their Vote For The OHHA “Artist Of The Year”

Kanye West

Competition in the Artist of the Year category for the 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards (OHHA) is heating up.  SOHH caught up with B-Real, Bun B, Too Short and Michael Strahan to see which artist would get their vote.

To date hip-hop fans have made over 42,000 nominations in 30 different categories.  For the Artist of the Year category, Kanye West and Lil’ Wanye are emerging as the front-runners.

“If you go by who has a lot of momentum I will say Kanye or Lil’ Wayne,” B-Real, the lead rapper of the California based hip-hop group Cypress Hill, told SOHH.

Former New York Giant Michael Strahan was a bit more definitive.  He told SOHH that he would cast his vote for Mr. West.  “Artist of the Year to be honest with you… Kanye West is strong.  It’s kinda hard to beat him. His stuff is so different than most people out there.”

“Even though he’s bitchin’ about not winning I gotta give him this one just to keep him quiet for a while,” said Strahan.

On the other hand, Bun B decided to ride with fellow southern rapper, Lil’ Wayne whose latest album, The Carter 3 sold one million copies the first week out.  “That probably would have to be Wayne, man,” he said when asked who should win Artist of The Year.

Too Short agreed.  “You can’t deny the workaholic. He’s [Lil Wayne] doing something that they all should be doing, rapping till the microphone melts.”

The nomination process for this year’s Online Hip-Hop Awards has been extended until Monday, October 20th. Visit here to cast your vote for artist of the year, along with a slew of other categories.

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