Kanye West Takes On Paparazzi & Their Pics Of Today’s Stars, “Jay-Z Is Frank Sinatra & Lil Wayne Is Jimmy Hendrix”

Kanye West Takes On Paparazzi & Their Pics Of Today’s Stars, “Jay-Z Is Frank Sinatra & Lil Wayne Is Jimmy Hendrix”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has addressed the emergence of paparazzi and what he says is a lack of photography skills when shooting artists such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Beyonce.

Writing via his daily blog, Ye broke down his issues with the paps and their lack of “integrity.”

“Fresh a** picture!!!,” Yeezy wrote unmodified regarding an image of Rihanna. “Yo, why can’t all the paparzzi photos be this good? Well, obviously because most celebs just aren’t Rihanna lol. But on the real, this pic is hardcore. Peep the perspective shot of the city in the back. Sometimes the paps overexpose the lens or have the flash too high taking all the emotion out of the moment. This moment is captured in time now. I look at our current superstars like legends in the making. Like Justin [Timberlake] is the new [Michael Jackson], Beyonce’s the new Tina Turner, [Lady] Gaga‘s Madonna, Jay[-Z] is [Frank] Sinatra…[Lil] Wayne is [Jimmy] Hendrix, Thom Yorke is Roger Waters, these are the champions and should be documented as such. That said, it would be dope if the paps operated with the same integrity and attention of their craft as the legends they photograph….Good job on this one!” (Kanye West’s Blog)

Ye recently pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges stemming from his airport scuffle with a pap last year in California.

Kanye West has pleaded not guilty to battery charges. Kanye’s attorney Blair Berk snuck in under the radar and appeared on his behalf this past Friday (May 15). A pre-trial hearing has been set for July 15th. (Radar Online)

He was officially charged last March.

The rapper has been charged with three misdemeanor counts of vandalism, grand theft and battery stemming from a scuffle with a paparazzo at LAX in September 2008. Kanye’s manager Don Crawley was also charged with two counts each of vandalism, grand theft and battery. If convicted of all charges, West could face up to two years and six months in jail, while Crawley could face up to five years. (Extra TV)

Aside from legal affairs, Yeezy recently secured a fragrance deal.

Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West all got fragrance deals when Iconic Fragrances, LLC (where Jay-Z is a principal) signed an agreement with Parlux. Also part of the contract is the announcement of an upcoming scent with a “well-established female artist.” Considering it’s Jay-Z’s deal and he’s married to Beyonce, let’s read between the lines on that one. (New York Magazine)

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