Kanye West Takes On Critics Of “Heartbreak,” “It Reminds Me Of My First Album When People Said I Couldn’t Rap”

Kanye West
Despite uneven album reviews for his 808s and Heartbreak, Kanye West has come forward to reveal his intentions for the new project and speak on its impact on pop culture.

Opting out of an opportunity to speak via news sources, Ye took to his blog to discuss the diverse groups of fans who have supported the R&B-based disc.

“I’ve been hearing that there’s people who bought this album that never bought one of my albums before,” he wrote (original copy was all caps). “I’ve been hearing that street n*ggas love it! Street n*ggas called me and told me they ove it! You know girls love it! Everybody has a different favorite!!!!”

Informing readers of his intention to release “Paranoid” and “Robocop” in the near future, the Grammy winning rapper broke down his marketing strategy for the project.

“I’m gonna walk this album slow like a more independent approach,” he added. “I feel like a new artist…It reminds me of the first album when everybody said I couldn’t rap.”

Ye also recalled slight disappoint with last year’s multi-platinum selling release Graduation blaming “certain records” for interfering with its potential universal appeal. With Heartbreak, he believes he may have avoided that pitfall, if people would just take the time to listen.

“This is new music!” he wrote. “It might take some getting used to but when it sets in it will make all the difference.”

808s and Heartbreak debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200, selling over 450,000 copies.

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