Kanye West Takes In All Of The Lights At Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West Takes In All Of The Lights At Paris Fashion Week

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West proved his taste in fashion is no joke by showing off a collection of clothing during Paris Fashion Week in France this past weekend.

During his runway Saturday (October 1) night, Yeezy showed off a variety of his DW brand pieces.

Kanye’s much anticipated Paris Fashion Week spring 2012 show walked the runway Saturday night. Based in American sportswear, the collection was clean, sexy, and stark. Echoes of Helmut Lang and Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci‘s (who sat front row at the show) aesthetics reverberated around the runway as austere colors, and aggressive patterns in the form of animal teeth strutted down the catwalk. A rich amount of suede and leather jackets and tops danced freely on the runway… and there was definitely no shortage of fur. (Billboard)

The night was also highlighted by a mixture of renowned American celebrities.

West’s show may be less renowned for its clothing than it will be for its celebrity attendance. Lindsey Lohan, the Olsen Twins, and Ciara were in attendance, as were designers Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra. (Cinema Blend)

R&B star Ciara, also in attendance, shared her input on the event.

“It was amazing. The clothes, the feeling in the room, the energy backstage — it really feels special,” she said. “It was definitely one of the most talked-about events [of Paris Fashion Week], because it wasn’t going to be your typical show. This doesn’t happen every day, and to see someone like Kanye, who aspires to succeed in fashion, to get so much respect and cross over like this, it was monumental. It was an historic moment.” (MTV)

Despite the highlights, Ye’s showcase was also slammed by some critics.

West’s opening look–and remember this collection is for spring–was a black leather skirt and jacket. It was soon followed by his single best decision: sexy silver python jeans paired with a delicate gray sleeveless top. The mistakes began to mount: A black leather dress that unzipped at the waist displayed only a passing familiarity with the curves of a woman’s body. Necklines plunged so deep–to the waist, in fact–that a woman would have to keep double-sided tape handy to avoid indecency charges. And there were fur coats, fur trims, and even a giant white fur backpack. Did I mention that this was a spring collection? (The Daily Beast)

Check out footage from the event down below:

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