Kanye West Tags Hip-Hop Greats For “Yeezus” Follow-Up [Video]

Kanye West Tags Hip-Hop Greats For “Yeezus” Follow-Up [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is reportedly going to rely on G.O.O.D Music’s Q-Tip and Rick Rubin to help piece together the follow-up to last summer’s Yeezus album.

Although brief with details, Q-Tip broke the news of his involvement on Ye’s next LP.

When asked about his upcoming album, he was a little bit cagier. “It’s comin’ man, I’m excited about it,” he said about the project, titled Last Zulu. “I’m producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin, I’m doin’ that, so that’s coming up.” “It’s hard to describe… definitely bars,” he continued about Last Zulu. “Bars is crazy, beats is crazy, it’s gonna be darker. It’s gonna be like the bad twin of Tribe, but not necessarily in terms of content, just musically.” (XXL Mag)

A few years ago, reports about the rap veteran working on a Kanye album hit the Internet.

“I just try to work with people who I admire or whom I think has got it,” he revealed in an interview. “So right now I’m working on Nas’ sh*t, about to work with Kanye on his sh*t. Just trying to keep up my momentum. I’m about to work with Talib [Kweli] on his project. I been trying to work with Hova for a while so hopefully he’ll realize the heat I got and come with it [laughs].” (Brooklyn Bodega)

Recently, a photo of Tip and TDE’s Kendrick Lamar in the studio landed online.

Q-Tip and Kendrick Lamar log some studio time together. It looks like we may hear something between Q-Tip and Kendrick Lamar, as the two were spotted in the studio together last night. The former A Tribe Called Quest rapper tweeted that it was studio time tonight, and posted a photo on his Instagram with Kendrick posted up in the studio with him. (Hot New Hip Hop)

Q-Tip and his Tribe Called Quest crew reportedly performed their final live performance in New York last week.

Fear not Tristate area! Kanye West has officially announced that Kendrick Lamar is indeed joining him on all the New York dates of his upcoming Yeezus tour. Adding to that, HOT97 unveiled that A Tribe Called Quest will also be performing on NY tour stops. The action kicks off on Oct. 19 in Seattle and ends in early Dec. in Houston. Good luck finding tickets! (Miss Info TV)

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Check out Q-Tip’s interview:

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