Kanye West & Suge Knight Still At Odds Over Miami Shooting Case

Kanye West & Suge Knight Still At Odds Over Miami Shooting Case

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West and ex-Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight are reportedly still at odds over a $1 million Miami shooting lawsuit.

A mediation session took place today and led to both parties not reaching an agreement.

The rapper and defrocked rap mogul remain at odds after a mediation session to address Knight’s negligence complaint against West, filed after he was shot in the leg during a party West thew in Miami Beach in 2005. West’s attorney wouldn’t comment, but Knight’s lawyer, Marc Brumer, says the case is headed to trial if the two gentlemen can’t reach a settlement. They also spent a fruitless six hours trying to make a deal in June. Knight appeared at today’s meeting, while West, out of the continental U.S. on business, was granted permission by a federal judge to phone it in. (E! Online)

Earlier this month, a judge ruled West did not have to meet up with Knight face-to-face in today’s sit-down.

Hip-Hop star Kanye West, who is currently tied to a lawsuit filed by rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight, does not have to attend a scheduled mediation session in person. Instead the “Power” MC can take part in the session by phone, ruled a Miami federal judge. West’s lawyers argued that he was going to be out of the country because of a long-standing business commitment. Knight, who was shot in the leg at a 2005 Miami Beach party hosted by West, seeks more than $1 million in damages for the lack of security. (Singersroom)

Last June, West and Knight’s lawyers met in a New York deposition where the rapper denied being involved in a pre-MTV Video Music Awards bash shooting.

At the deposition in New York on Friday, West allegedly refused to offer any information to Knight’s legal team during the six-hour proceedings and denied he had any involvement in the security arrangements. Knight’s lawyer, Marc Brumer, tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, “He basically put his hands over his head and didn’t say anything for six hours. He evidently doesn’t know anything about anything, despite the fact that he hosted the party. (Contact Music)

Knight later said he was upset about the lack of progress they made.

“I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved,” Knight said after the six-hour, closed-door session at a Fifth Avenue office. “I’m disappointed.” “My whole thing is: I’m not here to put nobody behind bars,” Knight said Friday, saying he mainly wanted to put the specter of rap-related violence to rest. “It’s time for more positive now,” he added. (Associated Press)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

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