Kanye West Shoots To The Top After Hilarious “I Quit” Video Clip

Kanye West Shoots To The Top After Hilarious “I Quit” Video Clip

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is enjoying some unexpected success courtesy of a viral video that used his “Gone” record to help serve as a resignation announcement.

According to reports, Mr. West’s 2005 “Gone” anthem has shot to the Top 20 this week.

A viral video helps bring ‘Gone,’ from the rapper’s 2005 album ‘Late Registration,’ onto the tally at last. Kanye West debuts on the Hot 100 this week with a song that’s eight years old. “Gone” (featuring Cam’ron and Consequence), from West’s 2005 sophomore album “Late Registration,” starts at No. 18 after a YouTube clip featuring the song as a backing track went viral. (Per Billboard policy, songs showing renewed activity past their initial release cycles are eligible to chart if ranking in the top half of the Hot 100 and genre hybrid rankings.) Views for the kiss-off clip soared – it currently stands at more than 15 million global views – drawing praise as one of the awesomest ways to quit a job ever and spawning hordes of parody and response videos. (Billboard)

Eight years later, the track is racking up fresh sales since its overnight resurgence.

U.S. digital sales of “Gone” spiked from minuscule levels in the previous week to 9,000 in this week’s sales tracking frame, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Overall usage of “Gone” across these videos on YouTube pulled in 6.2 million U.S. streams for the song, according to Nielsen BDS, enough to send the title onto the Streaming Songs chart at No. 4. (Billboard)

The viral video star, Marina Shifrin, created the clip, largely inspired by Yeezy’s “Gone” track, to announce her resignation from a job a few weeks ago.

A woman has quit her job at a Taiwanese animation company by uploading a video of herself dancing to the Kanye West track, ‘Gone’ to Youtube. In her video, Marina Shifrin, 25, explains her reasons behind resigning, stating: ‘For almost two years I’ve sacrificed my relationships, time and energy for this job’, in which bosses only cared about the quantity and views of the videos they made. However, despite wanting her own film to focus on content and not views, the video – entitled ‘An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s Gone’ – has gone viral, receiving over 4 million views in just three days. (The Independent)

The instant viral hit immediately sparked massive views and speculation of its authenticity.

Although suspected by some as a publicity stunt, since being uploaded over the weekend the resignation video has become a social media sensation, with some Twitter users even calling Ms Shifrin their ‘new hero’. (The Independent)

Shifrin has since addressed the video’s release and her decision to make the resignation public.

She told The Huffington Post that the Taiwanese work environment is very different from the U.S. environment. She said got no lunch break and her boss constantly changed her schedule and responsibilities. After failing to get help from her managers, she made the video. “I understood that it was a risk, but I never named the company or my boss and I mean, have you seen my dancing? How can anyone take that seriously,” she said So far, the video has gotten 8,532,328 after going live Sept. 28. (News One)

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Check out the footage:

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