Kanye West Shocks W/ “Yeezus” Sequel Announcement

Kanye West Shocks W/ “Yeezus” Sequel Announcement

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West recently dished on what fans could expect from his follow-up to last summer’s Yeezus album and why less content could actually mean more.

According to Mr. West, he plans on having less than ten tracks on his upcoming solo project.

Kanye West has made great effort to position himself as an artbiter of art and design recently, highlighting the influence of Swiss architect Le Corbusier on Yeezus and comparing himself to performance artist Marina Abramovic in interviews. West also offered some brief insight into his next album project during the talk. “I think my next album is going to be eight songs,” West said. “It’s just reducing down the amount of information that you need. People say a design is the point where you can’t take anything else away. [Yeezus] was very, very designed. I took a departure from radio and popular music in order to get this seat here. If I hadn’t made Yeezus, I wouldn’t be sitting here with this cool font at Basel right here.” (Rolling Stone)

A few months ago, G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T revealed Mr. West wanted him to slim his LP down to no more than nine records.

“It’s twelve songs and I had to fight for twelve because it was only supposed to be nine,” Pusha revealed in an interview. “Ye only wanted nine records. And I was like, ‘I got twelve, man!’ [laughs] And my win was, ‘Man, Yeezus got ten songs, so how you only gonna give me nine?’ [laughs] Then he had to sort of think about it and be like, ‘All right, man.’ And he just let me get my artist thing off.” (NPR)

Although brief with details, rap veteran Q-Tip recently broke the news of his involvement on Ye’s next LP.

When asked about his upcoming album, he was a little bit cagier. “It’s comin’ man, I’m excited about it,” he said about the project, titled Last Zulu. “I’m producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin, I’m doin’ that, so that’s coming up.” “It’s hard to describe… definitely bars,” he continued about Last Zulu. “Bars is crazy, beats is crazy, it’s gonna be darker. It’s gonna be like the bad twin of Tribe, but not necessarily in terms of content, just musically.” (XXL Mag)

Last month, Kanye provided a quick update on his next solo release.

“I haven’t named my next album but I’ve started on it,” Kanye explaiend in an interview. “I’m collecting, I’m just constantly working. [Cruel Winter?] We think about it. I go back and forth on it but we keep on missing the winter. [laughs] That’s the only problem. [It’s here now,] but the album ain’t. [laughs] We think about dropping a Cruel Winter and I like to put out more product, I’d like to have another album out by next summer. I’m going to go into the studio as soon as we leave here. I got this remix that I did with Miley Cyrus.” (Power 99 FM)

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