Kanye West Schools Kendrick Lamar, K. Dot Dissects Yeezy’s Criticized Rants

Kanye West Schools Kendrick Lamar, K. Dot Dissects Yeezy’s Criticized Rants

Grammy-nominated rapper Kendrick Lamar recently discussed what he has learned from hitting the road with rap star Kanye West during the Yeezus tour and offered a take on the engaged musician’s publicized rants.

According to K. Dot, spending time with Yeezy as they toured helped him realize the power of creativity.

“Kanye taught me to never to downplay your ideas,” adds Lamar. “I learned to always stay as creative as possible and never have any boundaries. Those things that people called ‘rants’ on-stage are real conversations that we had behind closed doors — about business and how when you get to a certain level people won’t want to see you break through because they only see you as a rapper.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Back in November, K. Dot spoke on sharing the tour bill with Yeezy.

“First off, just being a fan of his work and actually going on tour with him, that’s just a whole ‘nother world,” Kendrick said of his experience with Yeezus thus far. “Second, watching him perform and seeing how much he put into his presence onstage, it just reassures me that coming out the booth, you gotta take just as much attention on that stage, and put work in on that.” (MTV)

A couple months prior, West boasted about his admiration for Lamar.

“[The upcoming tour with Kendrick?] Yeah, it’s one hundred percent, it’s one hundred percent. I’m just looking forward to the opportunity to speak to this brother as much as possible. That, those conversations are going to be more than I even said right here. Because he’s one of our future messengers. You know? And I’m going to give him those jewels.” (BBC Radio 1)

Although rap mogul Jay Z leads all nominees, Lamar does not trail far behind with seven nominations for this weekend’s Grammy Awards.

Jay Z easily led Grammy Award nominations announced Friday with nine, but left-of-center rappers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Kendrick Lamar were among a group of new stars who took many of the major nominations. Macklemore and Lewis’ gay marriage anthem ”Same Love” was among song of the year nominees and the Seattle rap crew joined Los Angeles rapper Lamar with seven nominations apiece, including best album and best new artist of the year. Pharrell Williams had four major nominations among his seven and Justin Timberlake also had seven. (Boston)

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