Kanye West Reveals What He Can’t Stand, Says Paps “Ask Me Dumba** S**t All The Time”

Kanye West Reveals What He Can’t Stand, Says Paps “Ask Me Dumba** S**t All The Time”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West proved he is not your average hip-hop artist Wednesday (June 12) night in Switzerland where he used a Yeezus listening session to address issues with video-sharing site YouTube.

According to reports, Mr. West broke down the various problems he has with the one-stop viral video giant.

“[I hate YouTube because] the player is so ugly, and it’s presented in such a terrible manner. I want everything I do to be presented in an art context, as this is a form of sonic art. I was an artist originally, I have been in art school since I was five-years-old. I got scholarships to three art schools, Art Institute of Chicago, Saint Xavier, and the American Academy of Art, where I ended up going–and I dropped out because I had an assignment where I was supposed to do an ink painting or something, and I would take two weeks to do it, and when I looked at my work, I just felt that I would never be one of the great visual artists of the world.” ( I just felt like I would end up like–and this is no knock to anybody that does this–but I felt like I would end up working at an ad agency or something like that. I wanted to make something of impact. I found that when I would drop samples, my friends would react to it more. I felt that I had a real talent in chopping and appropriating music.” (The Daily Beast)

He also offered an interesting take on the state of popular culture and art.

“Right now it’s a fight against the separation and constant dumbing down of culture, and I’m standing in the middle of it. So if you know what people say are my lowest moments, those moments where I sat and saw them try to dumb down culture, and I would not allow it to happen on my clock. [Applause] So when I used to go to fashion shows with my boys and we’d be eight deep, it was almost like a civil rights, like a sit-in. They wouldn’t even let us in. They had no idea what rap would mean to this world, what rap would mean to the art world. Before the Kendrick Lamars and the A$AP Rockys, it was Kanye West in a hotel room at the Le Maurice getting a ‘no, no, no, no’ to every single fashion show. But I thought it was so important to get close to the artists who worked so hard on making a usable form of art–like this furniture right here, like everything that is in all these rooms that inspire us so much–and I fight in my position of being a very commercial celebrity boyfriend, I fight to push culture forward every chance I get. And I only frown because paparazzi ask me dumbass shit all the time, and I think about changing the world, and I think about what I can do to make things better. And, without further ado, I want to play you guys my new album. It’s called Yeezus.” (The Daily Beast)

Reports claim Ye headed out to Switzerland to unleash a few Yeezus anthems for select media outlets.

Kanye held an impromptu listening session for fans and media persons at Art Basel in Switzerland yesterday where he played a few tracks from Yeezus, performed a ‘New Slaves’ a capella and gave one of his lively speeches. One of the highlights of the speech was ‘Ye calling out the most used video (and audio) player on the internet by terming it “ugly” and “presented in a terrible manner”. (HHNM)

He recently talked about being involved in culture-changing movements.

“I’ve been connected to the most culturally important albums of the past four years, the most influential artists of the past ten years. You have like, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Nicolas Ghesquière, Anna Wintour, David Stern. I think that’s a responsibility that I have, to push possibilities, to show people: “This is the level that things could be at.” So when you get something that has the name Kanye West on it, it’s supposed to be pushing the furthest possibilities. I will be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars, because I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus.” (New York Times)

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