Kanye West Reflects On Benefit Concert, “My Mom Would’ve Been So Happy” [Video]

Kanye West Reflects On Benefit Concert, “My Mom Would’ve Been So Happy” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has reflected on his Stay In School Benefit Concert last week which took place in Illinois.

Keeping his mother’s memory alive, Yeezy expressed his overall reaction to the event.

“My mom would’ve been so happy to see this day,” Ye wrote via his blog. “3000 kids with perfect attendance and the benefit concert for our foundation went perfect!” (Kanye West’s Blog)

His free show was packed with six Chi-town public schools at the Chicago Theatre last Thursday (June 11).

The Stay in School benefit concert was organized by the Kanye West Foundation, which was created by West’s late mother, educator Donda West, in 2005 to help keep children from dropping out of school. She died in 2007. (Red Orbit News)

NBA champion Antoine Walker appeared at the event and shared his overall reaction.

“I think what Kanye is doing is terrific,” said Walker. “Crime is growing in Chicago — senseless crime. As athletes, it’s important we give back in some type of capacity. It’s important we continue to do events like this to raise money and push positive programs like this for the youth.” (Chicago Tribune)

Ye’s concert was initially the idea of a Chicago high school student.

The event was conceived by David Abrams, a student who was inspired to create an incentive for kids to stay in school after he listened to a story on NPR about a Chicago student turning his education around after his mother offered him two tickets to a Lil Wayne concert if he brought up his grades and stayed in school. Abrams went on to form S.H.O.W. (Students Helping Our World), which is run by a group of teens, supported by parents, and partnered with Chicago Public Schools, the City of Chicago, former Bears quarterback Kyle Orton and the Kanye West Foundation. (Live Daily)

Check out some footage from the event below:

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