Kanye West Publicly Calls Out Ray J On Live TV [Video]

Kanye West Publicly Calls Out Ray J On Live TV [Video]

After months and months of silence, rap star Kanye West has finally responded to Kim Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend Ray J during a live performance on the “Jimmy Fallon Show” this week.

Mr. West took a direct shot at the R&B crooner during his “Bound 2″ performance Monday (September 9) night.

Moments later, the Roots kicked in full force, along with a six-voice children’s chorus as West leaned into the song’s reworked-for-TV opening bridge. In those lines, he took a not-so-subtle jab at his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s ex, Ray J, with a biting new couplet. “Brandy’s little sister lame, man, he know it now,” he rapped. “When a real brother hold you down you supposed to drown.” Wearing his signature black leather kilt over black leather pants, along with a green tank top and matching jacket, West was his typically fierce self, not censoring all the lyrics to the song and earning a few bleeps from the network censors. (MTV)

Over the past year, Ray has taken multiple shots at his ex-girlfriend and Yeezy.

Ray J blatantly calls out Kanye in his “I Hit It First” song lyrics by saying: “Now the b***h chose to go West.” Then in the music video, Ray re-creates the infamous sex tape that he made with Kim with a Kim look-alike. But Ray told New York City’s Hot 97.1 that he’s not “trying to create a war” with Kimye. “It’s just a record,” he said. “It’s not about that. It’s about the concept, you know what I’m saying … I think people are digging into it way too deep.” (Hollywood Life)

Back in April, Ray said he had not talked to his sister because he knew the type of backlash that awaited following the release of “I Hit It First.”

“This is like one of my first songs where every lyric, I almost have to explain where I was going with the record,” Ray said in an interview. “I don’t want to say no names, the main mission for this whole campaign is to not say no names. Even though the song’s edgy and the song’s intense — we still want to be respectable, especially in these interviews. … Brandy’s a bit upset. She’s a bit upset. I haven’t talked to her ’cause I know what kind of lecture I’m gonna get. Brandy’s a whole different kind of person. She lives in a different kind of world. I’m way more turnt up. My lifestyle is way more on the edge. So, for her, a lot of the things I do, she might not understand but I can say she’s got my back. She is a little bit concerned and worried about the journey.” (Civil TV)

Earlier this year, Ray would not confirm if the track took aim at Kardashian

“Big homie,” Ray said in an interview. “It’s just a record, yo. You know what I’m saying? They’re putting a hundred on fifty. You know? It’s a song. It’s not about [Kim], it’s about a concept, you know what I’m saying? People going way too deep. They just gotta keep it on the surface. I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love, it’s just music. [laughs] I think people digging into it too deep. Like, it’s a song, we just having fun. We not on that, we not on ‘that’ situation. We just making music. … [Have I ran into KimYe?] Never. Yo, it’s not like that. Just bring it back to the song. … It’s not a war, it’s not a diss song.” (Hot 97)

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Check out Kanye West’s performance:

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