Kanye West Packs His Bags, Piecing New LP In “City Of Love”

Kanye West Packs His Bags, Piecing New LP In “City Of Love”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is reportedly hard at work on his follow-up to 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, securing help from hitmaker The-Dream.

According to the Atlanta producer/singer, Yeezy is headed overseas to work on his highly-anticpated solo effort.

“I’ve been told to zip it,” he said. However, he did reveal Kanye West is working on his next album — and he’ll be joining the hip-hop star in Paris to work on it in the coming weeks. And as for his much-talked-about hats? “[Jay-Z] was just digging on me, we do that,” he said, defending his on-stage headwear choice. “B had just said, she wanted both of these hats.” (Billboard)

Last week, some reports claimed Ye’s new LP would be titled Rich Black American.

Apparently, a user named XXXXXX started a thread in the forum of the Kanye West fansite KanyeToThe.com and posted the photo with the fake iTunes track listing. After some mathematical research, the site’s administrator, RatedK, was able to identify this person as a guy named Matt Closson, who tagged his final posts in the forum with @mvttclosson. Upon further inspection, we stumbled upon his Tumblr page, which is littered with photos of Yeezy and hip-hop’s “It” rapper A$AP Rocky. Nevertheless, we all feel duped but not necessarily upset. Here at PopCrush, we like to throw caution to the wind when things like unconfirmed photos or info goes viral on the web. (Pop Crush)

Ye has a lot on his plate, especially considering G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean promised the label’s Cruel Winter compilation is still in the works.

“Yeah, I hear it’s coming,” Sean said in an interview with radio host Jenny Boom Boom when asked about the LP possibly being delayed indefinitely. “I don’t want to spill the beans. I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna get it soon, sooner than you think. You know, who knows? It’s gonna be an awesome project and like I said, you’re gonna get my project, you’re gonna get Pusha T‘s album later on this year, Teyana Taylor‘s album, Common.” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

Over the weekend, Kanye and The-Dream won Grammys for their “No Church in the Wild” anthem.

Jay-Z, Kanye West, The-Dream and Frank Ocean have all won Grammys on their own. However, the artists’ collaborative effort on ‘No Church in the Wild,’ off Hov and ‘Ye’s ‘Watch the Throne’ LP, earned them a gramophone for Best/Rap Sung Collaboration at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night. “I didn’t think I was going to be the first to speak on this one,” Ocean said in shock — possibly from his win earlier this evening. Meanwhile, The-Dream wanted to make sure he got to show his appreciation by naming a few people who he didn’t have the opportunity to thank during a previous Grammy acceptance speech. “I’d like to thank Roc Nation and just everybody and last time I was cut off from my Grammy speech but I just want to thank my mom and grandfather,” he said graciously. (The Drop)

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