Kanye West LAX Problems Far From Over, Paparazzo Hires Big Time Lawyer After Attack

Kanye West LAX Problems Far From Over, Paparazzo Hires Big Time Lawyer After Attack

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West‘s problems with paparazzi may not be over after all as reports claim a photographer now wants to press charges against the hip-hop star.

According to reports, a photographer is seeking legal action against Ye after being attacked by him last month at Los Angeles International Airport.

Attorney Gloria Allred is set to announce the filing of a lawsuit against Kanye West over the Yeezus rapper’s confrontation with a videographer at LAX airport in mid-July. The videographer will appear alongside Allred at a news conference on Wednesday where footage of the incident will be played. The attorney will also “strongly condemn the support that some celebrities have given Kanye West for his attack on ‘paparazzi,'” reads Allred’s statement. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Mr. West recently had a potential felony assault case dropped.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office on Friday declined to file felony assault and attempted robbery charges against the singer and referred the issue to the L.A. city attorney to see if the incident warranted a misdemeanor charge. West, who has long maintained a hostile stance toward paparazzi and even rapped about his contempt for the media, was captured on video July 19 wrestling the photographer to the ground. (Los Angeles Times)

Yeezy’s fate ultimately came down to video footage not showing enough evidence.

Deputy Dist. Atty Amy-Hannah Broersma wrote that West and “attacked a freelance photographer” who was subsequently treated for contusion and muscle strain at Marina del Rey Hospital. She wrote that the case was declined after investigators from the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division presented the case and a video of the incident was reviewed. The prosecutor said an attempted robbery charged was declined because there was insufficient evidence of any “specific intent.” She added that felony assault charges were rejected because the victim did not sustain significant injuries. The prosecutor noted the victim’s camera was not booked into evidence and “it is unknown whether it was damaged, therefore vandalism charges were not considered.” The singer’s lawyer has insisted that West was simply trying to stop the photographer from taking a picture. (Los Angeles Times)

In late July, reports claimed he would likely avoid serious charges from the mid-July incident.

Kanye West must have a really good lawyer, because law enforcement sources tell us it’s virtually certain he will NOT be charged with ANY crime in connection with last week’s paparazzo attack. Here’s the way we’re told it will play out. LAPD robbery detectives are investigating the photog’s allegation that Kanye tried to steal his camera — but our sources say that dog won’t hunt. The D.A. will NEVER charge Kanye with felony attempted robbery, because there’s no proof he tried to pilfer the camera at LAX. (TMZ)

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