Kanye West Laughs Last On “Saturday Night Live” [Video]

Kanye West Laughs Last On “Saturday Night Live” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West kept his word and performed on a highly-anticipated “Saturday Night Live” television broadcast last night.

On the show, West treated viewers to a two-song performances.

Kanye West brought his energy and his new signature red suit as he performed his new album’s debut single “Power” last night (Sat. Oct 2) on Saturday Night Live! The rapper mimicked the music video for the song by performing in front of an all-white back-drop with dozens of dancing women dressed in white surrounding him. ‘Ye also took the stage a second time during the evening to perform his new album’s second single “Runaway” along with Pusha T who guests on the track, which he premiered less than a month ago at this year’s VMAs. (Gossip On This)

Ye also opted out of dissing the show by re-wording his name-checking “Power” record.

Most interestingly, Kanye opted to sing a different verse in “Power” rather than the one dissing “SNL” for their shows mocking him and the Taylor Swift situation last year. Nevertheless, this was easily the strongest performance of the season (though granted, it’s only the second one after Katy Perry). (Examiner)

Yeezy kept his Twitter followers updated both prior and after the performances.

“25 Minutes to dress rehearsal … Just saw Lorne Michaels … uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum …. Akwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard LOL!,” he tweeted yesterday.

“Just got off stage at SNL… I gotta new version of Christian Dior Denim Flow bout to post for yall … Extended @RyanLeslie verse” (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Following his televised interruption of country singer Taylor Swift‘s award acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards, “SNL” poked fun at West in a commercial last year.

According to MTV News, Swift starts saying that she’ll be this week’s host in her SNL promo, only to be interrupted by SNL cast member Bill Hader, who tells her, “Whoops, Kanye West just called. He thinks BeyoncĂ© should host instead.” Then he adds, “Funny, huh?” Swift kind of just stands there, rolls her eyes and whispers to herself, “Wow.” Bill then awkwardly says, “Good times,” and walks off the set whispering to himself, “Hater.” (Celebuzz)

Check out Kanye West’s performances below:

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