Kanye West & Kim K’s Wedding On Deck, KimYe Furious Over Leaked Proposal Footage?

Kanye West & Kim K’s Wedding On Deck, KimYe Furious Over Leaked Proposal Footage?

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are reportedly gearing up to speed through the engagement period and officially tie the knot sooner than most people think.

According to reports, KimYe could be officially husband and wife in the very near future.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will not have a long engagement — sources close to the couple tell TMZ the engagement will be very short and the wedding will happen quickly. We’re told it’s Kanye more than Kim that wants the wedding to happen STAT. As for what kind of wedding … we’re told it’s going to be “a blow out.” But Kim and Kanye aren’t all smiles. Our sources say they are PISSED OFF that someone present at AT&T Park secretly taped the proposal and leaked it. The couple thinks they know who did it, and that person signed a confidentiality agreement. We’re told a lawsuit is imminent. BTW … North West was at the ballpark. (TMZ)

One of the engagement night guests, filmmaker Joe Francis, admitted this week that Mr. West went to extremes to keep the proposal under wraps.

Kanye West planned his surprise marriage proposal like it was a spy-op, complete with cover stories and fake Instagramming — and Kim Kardashian was even blindfolded for maximum drama, attendee Joe Francis told the Daily News. “It was absolutely like a military operation. The ruse was so great, a real class act,” the “Girls Gone Wild” founder said Tuesday. “She was so shocked and so happy … everybody got choked up.” Francis and Kardashian have been friends for years, and he said all the guests were contacted three or four days in advance and sold the story that they were flying up to San Francisco for her surprise 33rd birthday party. (New York Daily News)

Francis also said the guests even had to hide before Ye popped the question.

Francis said Kim’s sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, went the extra mile to cover their tracks. “I think Kim thought her sisters were abandoning her on her birthday. They said they were at a spa in Arizona, and they were fake Instagraming,” he said. “Kim really believed everyone was where they said they were. Her face was just absolute shock when we all came out running.” According to Francis, about 50 guests hid in two dugouts as Kim and Kanye drove onto the field at AT&T Park. (New York Daily News)

Despite having a few notable high-profile girlfriends in the past, Mr. West pointed out why he connected with Kim K more than any other previous lover earlier this week.

“I have never loved any girl other than my mother as much as I love my girlfriend and I’m so happy to be with her, for us to live this life together. And with our relationship with God to be able to live forever in heaven together, too. And also to raise a family, a strong family,” Kanye explained in an interview. “She’s been spending her whole check on clothes since she was 16, just like me. And that’s the reason why both of us are the most influential — I think me and my girl are extremely influential greatly due to the paparazzi.” (106 KMEL)

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