Kanye West & Kim K Break-Up Rumors Addressed Over Missing Engagement Ring

Kanye West & Kim K Break-Up Rumors Addressed Over Missing Engagement Ring

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West does not have to worry about Kim Kardashian leaving him anytime soon with a representative for the reality television star now ending break-up rumors.

According to Kim K’s rep, the curvy hottie had a perfectly respectable reason for opting out of wearing a wedding ring recently.

Kim Kardashian can’t do anything without something nasty being written about her! On Sunday the reality star took to her Instagram account to post a photo of her and gal pal Blac Chyna after a hard workout. The duo can be seen sticking out their booties for the shot, but another thing that didn’t go unnoticed was the absence of an engagement ring on the reality star’s finger! Some gossip blogs took this as an opportunity to allege that Kim and fiance Kanye West are on the rocks. But this is just yet another rumor. RumorFix reached out to a rep for Kim who tells us, “[There is] no there is no truth to that rumor. Explanation – she didn’t work out with her engagement ring on.” (RumorFix)

Recently, Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, discussed the couple planning out their wedding.

We have a pretty big family,” she told PEOPLE at her #cirocthenewyear pledge party at L.A.’s Mixology 101 on Tuesday. “I don’t think it will be two people in a chapel, if you know what I mean!” Jenner wouldn’t reveal if the couple – who got engaged at a San Francisco stadium in October – have set a wedding date but says “hopefully it will be soon.” As the mother of the bride, Jenner would like to make suggestions for the couple’s big day, but admits, “I don’t know if they’ll let me jump in.” “That’s two very creative minds getting together and they definitely have their own ideas.” (People)

During a recent interview, Yeezy discussed how much he loved and admired Kim’s beauty.

“I don’t do her show because I don’t particularly like the way the producer shoots some of the shots. I’m very meticulous to that. I like to get a different [director of photography] or whatever,” Kanye said when asked about his lack of presence on Kim’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” show. “Y’all acting like this ain’t the most beautiful woman of all time, arguably of human existence. The top 10 of human existence. I don’t give a f*ck what type of jacket she got on.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

When asked about Kim K on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” a week prior, Kanye briefly spoke on wedding plans.

“It could be just whatever I imagine. I think that when you have a lot of creativity and a lot of love and passion, you just do it and you don’t hold back. I think there’s sensibilities and things that are classified under a tasteful way to do it and what’s chic and all that, and after I learned how to do all that, I decided to just not to and just do what I felt. I just think that Kim is awesome and she deserves an awesome moment like that.” (“The Ellen DeGeneres Show”)

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