Kanye West Kicks Ideas To Apple, Co-Founder Explains Autographed Steve Jobs Mouse

Kanye West Kicks Ideas To Apple, Co-Founder Explains Autographed Steve Jobs Mouse

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently discussed taking part in a special Father’s Day gift from Kim Kardashian to Kanye West and revealed how Yeezus pitched some business ideas to him.

According to Wozniak, he fully supported and came through for Kim’s Father’s Day surprise.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak visited the couple and baby in the hospital just a day after the birth, and has now described the meeting to ABC News. The visit was set up by Kardashian herself who had arranged for Kanye’s birthday to have the two meet for a surprise lunch and have Wozniak sign one of two Apple Pro Computer mice. The other mouse had already been signed by Steve Jobs. West has said recently that he is a big admirer of the iconic Apple co-founders. “It was going to be a big surprise for Kanye,” Wozniak told ABC News in an interview. “What a beautiful idea from Kim. I signed the mouse in front of him. It’s really rare, both our signatures in matching form.” (ABC News)

He also revealed Ye’s attempt to pitch some business plans his way.

During the visit, Kanye shared some of those business ideas with Wozniak. “It was an excellent conversation for about two hours and he finally got into his grandiose business ideas,” Wozniak said. “I have some comments to give him. I have been thinking about it since the meeting.” Wozniak wouldn’t comment on West’s plans, but said that he believes that West is driven and that when you “visualize yourself in a certain way” that anything can happen. When asked what the baby looked like Wozniak said he didn’t see much of the newborn, and that he sat with Kanye in a different room while Kim and her mother and sisters were with the baby in another room. However, Wozniak was forthcoming about one thing — how much Kim loves Kanye. “She wanted to do something nice, outstanding and unusual for her man. In this day and age you really have to put a thinking cap on,” Wozniak said. “I believe in signs of true love. I wanted to be a part of this.” (ABC News)

Earlier this month, Mr. West unveiled the two autographed mice Kim surprised him with.

What do you get the dad who has everything? To celebrate his first Father’s Day, Kim Kardashian gave Kanye West a pair of mice signed by Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Kanye revealed the presents on Twitter. “one of the other gifts my girl gave me for fathers day,” tweeted ‘Ye. Kim also invited Woz to meet Kanye as a gift for his 36th birthday. During his visit to the couple’s house, the tech pioneer also met their daughter North West. (Rap-Up)

In a recent New York Times interview, Ye boasted about his knack for attaching himself to trend-setting movements and noted Jobs.

“I’ve been connected to the most culturally important albums of the past four years, the most influential artists of the past ten years. You have like, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Nicolas Ghesquière, Anna Wintour, David Stern. I think that’s a responsibility that I have, to push possibilities, to show people: “This is the level that things could be at.” So when you get something that has the name Kanye West on it, it’s supposed to be pushing the furthest possibilities. I will be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars, because I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus.” (New York Times)

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