Kanye West & Jay-Z Are “Really On Some Black History Sh*t” W/ Throne LP, Says Talib Kweli [Video]

Kanye West & Jay-Z Are “Really On Some Black History Sh*t” W/ Throne LP, Says Talib Kweli [Video]

Grammy-winning rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z‘s upcoming Watch the Throne album will live up to the hype promises Talib Kweli, who also co-signed the project’s “H.A.M.” lead single.

According to Kweli, fans are being too critical over Jay and West’s “H.A.M.”

“I heard a lot of that album and it’s f*cking dope,” Kweli promised in an interview referring to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s upcoming Watch the Throne album. “I mean, when Kanye played me that ‘H.A.M.’ record, to me, I like that record. I seen a lot of criticism about that record. It came under a lot of criticism…Kanye’s an overwhelming presence — that song came out of nowhere as opposed to a follow-up of his great album. I think there’d be less criticism. People would appreciate it. It’s a trending record. It fits right with what’s happening in music and hip-hop and radio right now. And I think their fans criticizing it want Kanye not to do something so extreme.” (The Source)

Kweli also hinted at a black history-themed track being on the LP.

“I heard one record, man, I don’t even know what it’s called,” Kweli added. “It’s about black history. And it’s like, Kanye and Jay are really on some black history sh*t. The beat is tough. You know, if you’re spending time hating on Kanye and Jay-Z — you’re missing out — and you could be smacking yourself in the future, like, ‘What was I thinking?'” (The Source)

“H.A.M.” officially debuted online a few weeks ago to mixed reactions.

The ultimate collaboration of current rap royalty is here, as Kanye West and Jay-Z have unveiled their first single from Watch the Throne, which they’re dubbing “H.A.M.” What might “H.A.M.” stand for? No, it’s not a porky cut of meat you likely ate at Aunt Lucy’s house over the holidays. When Kanye and Jay-Z are involved, the acronym means “hard as a mother——-.” The tune is complete with Roman-style chants, piano solos and all sorts of Kanye-fueled theatrics and grandeur that made his last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, one of the best-reviewed albums of the year. (Celebuzz)

Writing on Twitter in late January, West said fans could anticipate the LP in 60 days.

“I could never do stand up cause I tell jokes better when I’m sitting,” West tweeted Sunday (January 23).

“I’ll be back this SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE STUDIO NOW WITH THE BEARS GAME ON … WATCH THE THRONE COMING IN 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! MY NEW ALBUM COMING THIS SUMMER … ALL THE LIGHTS VIDEO IN 1 WEEK!!!!!! THIS IS HIGH END RAP MUSIC I just threw some bassoon on this muthaf*cka” (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Check out Talib Kweli speaking on Watch the Throne down below:

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